Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time to Play?

We're going out tonight. Socializing. On a work night. Although for a few months, EVERY night is a work night. Its dicey, this socializing on a work night during high season, at least for me it is.

In preparation for this socializing, I had to make something. Well, I didn't have to make something, but I was raised not to show up as a guest empty handed. Time ran short, so I did a very bad thing... hauled out a cookbook, leafed through it, and randomly selected what looked like the easiest cookie I could find besides chocolate chips. Came up with a chocolate chai spiced shortbread cookie. Mixer to oven took less than 5 minutes in my world.

If I am so pressed for time, how do I magically have time to post this entry? Well, being that tomorrow is french toast day (mmm, banana french toast sprinkled with cocoa powder--fair trade! organic!-- and fresh strawberries) I had to make bread. So, I have exactly 22 minutes to do this post, which is the time the bread is in the oven baking.

In between, I baked a batch of Vegan Dreams for the health food store (seriously, if you've been on Big Pine Key, you've probably had a Vegan Dream because they're the best cookies out there), and am also mid-way through Marney's birthday cake. Yes, our dear friend and owner of Good Food Conspiracy here on Big Pine Key is having a birthday, so in her honor I'm baking a cake just for her. In the midst of all this baking, I still had that organic parsley from the Help Yourself farmer's market that I had to do something with... so pesto it was. I didn't have any basil. I made pesto anyway. I substituted organic baby spinach. Its actually delicious.

I've got a workout scheduled for 4pm, someway, somehow this will all come together in time for me to get ready for tonight's socializing. I don't have an outfit planned. I don't have much of anything planned. But, I've got the shortbread cooling on racks, and tomorrow's breakfast just about prepped. I am an innkeeper, we never rest. Just like the post office of olden days... neither rain, nor sleet, nor blah blah blah. But in our world its "neither baking, cooking, lack of sleep, nor lousy time management" shall keep me from my appointed duties... or my socializing just once this week. I'm taking this as a victory, and I've even got 10 minutes left on the timer before the bread is done.

Jahfe' rolls into town this weekend. I think I'm in trouble.

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