Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunshine, Cookies, Bread & Ice Packs

Another postcard perfect day here on Big Pine Key. Blue skies, sunshine everywhere, tropical breezes, and endless aqua blue water shimmering as I look outside. I was relegated to indoor work today, the ankle is not cooperating with me. After icing and resting it on the overnight, reality set in. Breakfast was to be cooked, chores were to be done, and I had several baking orders on tap. Off to the kitchen I went.

Upon standing several hours, I was rewarded with four types of cookies, including a new perfected recipe for whole vanilla bean oatmeal cookies with dried fruit & nuts. I'm not a fan of oatmeal cookies, not sure why. But this cookie.... she has stolen my heart. After working through some trial & error with the batter, the flavor was perfected with the addition of (organic! fair trade!) whole vanilla beans. Ooo-la-la. These little dream drops are headed down to Help Yourself in Key West. Got to get these babies out of the house asap, lest I begin to break into the packages myself. Actually, they're ginormous cookies... for some reason they gigantified during the baking process. Anyone who looks at these vegan cookies of deliciousness will go ga-ga. I also baked 3 loaves of bread today, tomorrow morning I've got french toast on the menu. Yes, that's a lot of baking, and many hours of work. Somehow, most of it just didn't seem like work.

I was asked today by someone why don't I post more recipes on this blog. Their feelings were that I write about food a lot, so how about some of these recipes. Well, I'm going to tell you, I don't post many recipes because I'm not really interested in reinventing the wheel. There are so many recipe blogs out there, and fine ones at that. When I want a new recipe, I would not go to my own blog, I go to those who make it their sole purpose to create vegan recipes. I'm not that gal, and I have no plans to be. So, that is why recipes are not here very often. If you're disappointed, I'm sorry about that, but heck remember... this blog is about our vegan inn, life in the Keys, and animals too. Speaking of animals...

Mr. Happy Vegan thinks our first fawn of the season in the herd is being born. Mommy dropped her tummy, and then disappeared very shortly afterwards. Its been about 3-4 days since this particular mommy has been around the grounds, very unusual. So, we're excited about this, thinking its only February and already there's babies. If indeed this baby is busy being born right now, it will be about 4 short weeks before we will see that precious soul taking wobbly steps under mommy's watchful eyes. The Key deer fawns are very small. I have never seen a newborn, but I was told they are 2-4 pounds at birth. Wow, that's small.

Usually when I see a new fawn, her legs are very wobbly, her spots are very bright, and she (or he) has pencil thin legs that you think would just crumble with each step. But, thankfully that doesn't happen. Instead, they roam around stuck like glue to their mommy, calling out with cries that indeed sound like a human baby. I'm very excited thinking about seeing fawns in spring, it never gets "old," I never tire of this huge event. I promise, if I'm fortunate enough to get some good pictures, I will share

So through all this thinking of baby Key deer, baking of cookies & bread, and staring at aqua blue water, my ankle never let up on me today. I wrapped it up tight, stuffed it in sneakers, and headed out to boot camp tonight. I suppose that wasn't the best idea, but I made it through, perhaps not the best showing I've ever had. Tomorrow brings a trip into Key West, a trip up to Marathon (eeks, that's like opposite ends of the Earth in Keys talk) and I expect an ice pack or two. There will be no creation of new cookie recipes in the Deer Run kitchen tomorrow. I've got some serious plans to get in some lap time with Peri after the chores & road trips. Our forecast calls for sun, tropical breezes, and temps close to 80. Carpe Diem.

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