Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thanks for the Lift

And the next thing I knew, there I was standing on the side of the road, waiting for a ride.

Allow me a moment to explain.

Remember a recent post, I said I was going out to socialize. On a work night. On high season. I know better than to make plans for anything other than work this time of year. It doesn't agree with me, there's always some static, some problem, some chore that remains undone if I go out to play (not to mention that I couldn't even consider hitting the dance floor last night at Jahfe, I was relegated to the sidelines because of what I'm about to explain). Thursday night I believe it was. Yes, Thursday, for sure. Oh, yes, I went out. Minutes before I was due to head out the door, I found myself jumping into the shower to de-skankify. So much for leisurely plans to shower, style my hair, iron a nice outfit, blah blah blah. No way.

After I became de-skanked, I threw on something that sort of matched, put on shoes, and rushed out the door. The situation didn't allow for much time to decompress prior to arriving at the next destination. I found my mind racing, and couldn't relax. I sat for a few minutes, chatted with a few people, and then made my way to the ladies room. Mind still racing, seeing things around me, but not focused on any of it. One of the things I saw, but did not process was a sign that said "step up." I opened the door to the ladies room, flipped on the light, and the next thing I knew I was splayed out half way across the floor, my belongings scattered around me. What the heck??!! How did THAT happen. First thought was "I hope no one saw that" and the next thought was "ow ow ow." Ankle injury. Not good.

I gimped my way back to the crowd after collecting myself and making my best attempt putting myself back together. For the past few days the ankle has been nagging at me. It was a little puffy. I chalked it up to bad footwear, and far too many hours standing every day, 7 days a week. Today, I decided to go for a run and workout. In my new snazzy, yet very ugly Vibrams. We've had too many guests here to count that swear by them. I have not heard anyone say one bad thing about them. Plus, my ISLANDS magazine this month has a blurb about them too. Universe said "Jen, get the shoes already, will ya?" Shoes acquired, new tunes on the iPod, I'm going for a run if it kills me. Ha.

I get out there on this picture postcard day, and within just a few steps I know the truth.... don't press on. I do anyway. Running gives way to walking. Walking gives way to limping. Limping gives way to cursing.

And the next thing I knew, there I was standing on the side of the road, waiting for a ride.

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