Monday, September 18, 2017

Making Lemonade

By now the super majority of anyone reading this is aware we've had some changes lately. I think it was September 10th that hurricane Irma hit, but days and nights blur. The Lowers Keys took a big hit. We have a lot to cope with. Despite all the hardships we are optimistic although we have a long road as does our Keys community.  A huge outpouring of love, concern, relief, people and so many other resources is flooding into the Keys. Plus, we've  already been sucked into the vortex of bureaucracy, that part is maddening.  Despite all this I want some normalcy ... we all are seeking the smallest victories of any semblance of our prior life. This is why I've decided to blog another year for Vegan MoFo. Intentions are to put a post up everyday about hurricane recovery (and life in general) as a vegan.  I only have a teeny mobile device to work with but I know I can get pictures up, time will tell on videos.  Mostly this is for my own mental health at this time, however I am acutely aware there is a story to be told. I'm willing to share some of it here.  This is the ultimate making of lemonade out of a shit storm of lemons (use that organic sugar in your lemonade, no bone char please 😬) So that's food related and hits the mark for the Month of Food, whee! I hope you'll tune in, daily posts will begin on October 1st. 

Thanks for your support. ❤️