Saturday, February 26, 2011


I had some free time today. I'm not sure how it happened, but there it was so I grabbed it.

Today was Day 1 of the Old Island Art Days in Key West. This is the show that I thought was last weekend; the one that resulted in us driving to Key West for a reason that didn't exist since the show wasn't happening then. Rather, the show was today, and will continue tomorrow. Neither of us had ever been to this particular show before, and truth be told it is doubtful we would have budgeted time to go if we didn't have to be there to pick up 2 pieces that an artist had created at Mr. Happy Vegan's request. It really was our good fortune to be able to go, this show was great. There was a very high caliber of artists and their work, with great variety too. Both of us were impressed with the show, and we agreed we'll make a point to return next year.

We had only a couple other stops to make in town for the business, and made haste of them all. There was a fair amount of work to be done here at the inn, we really just wanted to get back home.

Once we returned we set about doing chores. Soon enough I found myself still with plenty of sunlight left in the day, and a break in my work. I pulled out my brushes & acrylics and returned to an art project that has been sitting idle for at least 2 months. After putting some time in with the paints, Peri and I took a walk down the beach to the fire site. As Peri and I sat on the beach, I reflected again on that experience, and gave thanks once more for the rescuers who made sure a bad situation did not turn much worse.

Peri and I walked the beach a little more, and then returned back here. Angel was with Mr. Happy Vegan sunning herself on the beach. I sat down, and all together we watched fish jumping, planes flying, and Key deer strolling. I enjoyed a frosty beverage, Peri got some snacks, then I cleaned up my paints.

Somehow I still have a reasonable amount of time left to make something half way decent for dinner, and relax a little more.

I don't know how this down time appeared for today, but I welcomed it with open arms, open paints and open beverages. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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