Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Thank goodness it wasn't me!"

This time of year there are so many activities going on, its often difficult to choose which, if anything, I can budget time for. Its also the time of year when we are at our busiest, and days can go by in a blur. Between President's Week, Valentine's Day, and just being normal high season, its "go go go" for anyone working in the industry. I have been adding many extra obligations every single day for several days in a row, and am prone to make mistakes when rushing through things (remember the ill fated cookie dough story?) Today I made an error that cost 3 hours of precious time I have so little of.

Mr. Happy Vegan has an outdoor art piece being created by a favorite craftsperson of his up on the mainland. It is supposed to be ready at a particular show she will be at in Key West, which was published in the paper a few times this past week, which I repeatedly read as this weekend. Not.

We hauled butt all the way to Key West for the non-existent art show. All he could say when I realized the error was "thank goodness it wasn't me!" Any man out there reading this probably will completely understand his relief at making that statement.

On this President's Holiday weekend, we battled exceptionally heavy traffic all through the lower Keys into Key West on the only road there is in and out of the Keys. Its like being at the Jersey shore on 4th of July... those who live there know you just do NOT go out unless your life depends on it. This is kind of my mentality on certain holidays here, including President's weekend. Yet, its also when there's multiple music events, art shows, and lots of other fun things going on, including this very important, yet non-existent, art show.

Upon finally getting into Key West, we picked our way through the clogged streets. When I stopped and looked, it honestly looked like bees protecting a hive, there was that much activity. We headed to where the art show was supposed to be, and that is when I thought "maybe not today?" and yes, upon calling the local Chamber of Commerce, "maybe not today" turned into "*#@(#!" We continued to pick our way through the streets, back roads & shortcuts not known to most visitors, and finally escaped back onto the only road in and out of the Keys.

Traffic on the way back up was just as heavy, still other shows going on, other events, and let us not forget the normal regular every day life that goes on for those of us who live here full time. I think there's a touch of spring fever in the air. Our perfect weather continues, and there's a lot of people visiting the area who have been trapped in snow, cold, ice & sleet for way too long. The skies are clear, the stargazing spectacular, and the full moon last night showered us with beauty.

Three of my precious hours were spent paying for my own negligence. I have not been showing my gratitude enough, so the Universe provided a reminder to slow down and bask. I shall heed the message; we're going to head out and see Jahfe'... they're in town. Reggae, champagne, pineapple juice & snacks. That's the antidote to overscheduling if you ask me.

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