Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vegan MoFo Day #4: Are you F'ing KIDDING Me?!!!

As a video blogger for MoFo 2014, I'm frustrated. I shoot videos, go to upload, and then there's problems with them. Out of 4 days of MoFo, I've had problems on half the videos, NOT a good track record. Tonight my issue is with YouTube. I've again shot video, and it will NOT upload. We've gone into chat rooms, and discovered we're not the only person having this problem tonight.

Apologies, the video is not being posted by midnight for today. Plans are for 2 videos tomorrow… I WILL get today's video posted no matter what, and I will also do tomorrow's planned post.

The best news though is that I'm home. Home sweet home. With my animals who were missed so dearly. They're sticking like glue to me, especially Princess. Not a bad thing, and helps lower any rising blood pressure which comes about as a result of not posting my video.

Thanks for your patience, and understanding. I suppose things like this are inevitable for me being so behind the times with technology. I look at some of the other bloggers, and am amazed how polished, how professional their posts are. How do people do that? How do they have time? I work a vegan B&B full time, do the artisan vegan baking part time, and volunteer gobs of time to charitable organizations. I thought video blogging would be so simple; the Universe really got one over on me this time. No worries though, tomorrow is another day, and a promise is a promise.

See you soon!

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