Monday, September 15, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014 Day 15: Food Delivery, and a Community Action Hero/Activist

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Today our bulk food delivery arrived. Here in the Keys, we don't have too many options for natural food suppliers, and as a very small business Deer Run has even less options for wholesale delivery than larger businesses. I refuse to purchase from Sysco. Down throughout the Keys, Sysco trucks are a common sight. I practically cringe when I see them; it's doubtful they carry many (if any) organic options. Deer Run is fortunate to be included on an independent bulk route that comes through the Keys once a week. Included in their offerings are case lots of packaged organic and natural foods, as well as fresh organic produce. The sheets come through once a week for the fresh stuff, and I can decide if I need anything or not. Most everything is identified on the advance sheets with a country of origin (important to me, and I'm sure many others too), but if they're not identified, a simple email or phone call and secure that information. The route is currently being driven by a local community activist hero by the name of Patrick Garvey. Patrick is the CEO of the Growing Hope Initiative, which currently has a massive project right here on Big Pine Key of restoring something called the Grimal Grove. Later this week we're going to make a visit to Grimal Grove and shoot a MoFo video for you.

Today's video introduces you to Patrick Garvey. I cannot stress enough how important Patrick is for this community down here. He truly has a "what it takes" attitude and drive to accomplish his mission. He's got a very long road in front of him, but he knows this and is doing everything possible to get the job done in the bigger scheme of things… including driving a truck to make deliveries.

It's with a great amount of blood, sweat and tears that Patrick is revitalizing the Grimal Grove. Growing Hope is a non-profit, and accepts donations; you can read all about his project at

This is the face of a local community activist, and hero……

See you next time with more MoFo love!


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