Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014 Day 16: Food for Thought! Marathon, Florida … Wowza!

Scroll down for video.

Today I'm showing you video of a fantastic health food store and cafe' in the Florida Keys (Marathon to be precise) called Food for Thought. Last Year during MoFo I blogged about them, but this time we've got video!

There's so much I can say about Food for Thought, I LOVE them! Marathon was a desert for healthy food options until Ellin (owner) took the place over a few years ago, installed a commercial kitchen, scrubbed the place upside down, and breathed new life in. Now the place sparkles and shines like new, even though it's been up and running for years. Food for Thought specializes in organic (yay!) and gluten free (the REAL deal, yay!), plus they have a small thoughtful selection of books, some gift items (especially salt lamps, really beautiful salt lamps at such wonderful price points), and of course brings us the goods on organic fresh produce.

Of special note, which I really wish I mentioned in this video, is that they carry CBD Hemp Oil. Food for Thought has had many health focused presentations and guest speakers through the years, and we've been fortunate enough to attend several. Their most recent presentation just weeks ago was on CBD Hemp Oil, which of course we attended. I'm not sure that anyone else is even offering the CBD Hemp Oil in the Keys yet. 

During the shoot I also forgot to mention some of the eco-initiatives that are in place, including reusable silverware and dishes for those of us who choose to dine in ("to go" items are packed in bioboxes), recycling is on site, water is offered free from a dispenser in the cafe with reusable glasses, and most customers that I observe anytime I'm in there bring their own bags. Food for Thought also sells a really nice selection of reusable bags, including Chico Bags and string bags, all of which withstand MANY years of use (I can personally attest to that!)

My favorite thing at Food for Thought (other than the people… always the people…. they are ALL gems in there, trust me!) is the smell of food when I walk in. Their cafe menu is small, and excellent. It's almost 100% gluten free, all organic, and vegan. The store offers some non-vegan items, but honestly vegan items far outnumber non-veg based upon my observations and shopping experiences. There are some items I can't get anywhere else in the Keys except at Food for Thought. In small towns like where we live down here, cultivating a relationship with others in the community is the key to a happier life experience. Sue, who works at FFT, has transformed into a true animal advocate, and is one of the only people that I feel is a kindred spirit when it comes to animals, animal rights, and activism. In fact, Sue is doing the Farm Sanctuary's South Florida Walk for Animals this year (in October!) and Anna, who also works at Food for Thought, is now joining Sue on the walk. It makes me VERY happy to know there are advocates such as them in my backyard too, I can share thoughts and feelings with them that I wouldn't normally share with others…. basically a safety zone, but you already knew what I meant, right?

Ellin isn't on the video, I'm sorry to say! I wish she was. After we did the shoot, she magically appeared and sat in the cafe with us as we ate our lunches. We talked about Vegan MoFo, Thai cabbage salad that she's presently making by the mountainfuls to feed her addiction to same, and also touched on the health care industry (as far as the scary situation with the food offered when we get sucked into the vortex of medical care, yikes yikes yikes!)

Lunch was divine, I had a panini which I've been known to drive up and over that gosh darn bridge just for their paninis (if that's not devotion, then I don't know WHAT is!) Here's the video, I hope you love it. 

I'm sorry I couldn't take you with me up and down all the aisles. We tried… we actually shot a video that way for you, but it was painful on the eyes to watch, the aisles are a little skinny (so much product for us covering the space!) and there were too many people in the store to make it anything other than so jumpy (too many customers, LOL?!! happy problems!!!)

Thank you Food for Thought for having faith in this community…. for putting your money where your mouth is (literally!) and for bringing us some of the best stuff in the entire Florida Keys. We're fans for life, and look forward to every day with you in the heart of Marathon! Veg on, gluten free style!

See ya next time! xo

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