Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 10: Bye Bye Bunny, Hello Granola

Video and recipe below.

I suppose a bit of the angry vegan comes out in my video today. I'm pissed off. General Mills has acquired the Annie's Homegrown line for $820 million. Who's to say if I wasn't in charge over there at Annie's that I wouldn't have cashed in? But, I'm not in charge over there, nor am I "Annie," so instead that leaves me as me and I'm pissed. Another small(ish) company gobbled up by another huge conglomerate. Our choices as consumers are dwindling, but the sheeple don't care. One day, we're going to wake up, lo and behold the food that's available will be all genetically modified by companies like Monsanto, and sold by companies like General Mills. Organics will be no more. General Mills put gobs of money to lobby against labeling of genetically modified foods. The reason that companies like them are buying the small(ish) companies like Annie's is to control the availability of the products. Sure, there's people like me who care, but for every "me" there's probably a dozen of "them" who simply don't give a crap. The Annie's line will no longer be purchased by Deer Run as long as I'm in charge, that's for sure. Since I do buy products by the case, I have a few straggler bottles of ketchup and a couple other items in the pantry with the Annie's label, but once they're gone I'll be moving to a different line.

Subject number two for today. I tried to love ya Earth Balance Mac and cheese…. I tried…..

Subject number three for today; granola. A versatile, simple granola recipe that you can cut in half if you just want a small amount, or you can double, triple, or more if you want a huge amount. After the video you'll see my own personal recipe. I often deviate from the recipe as written, sometimes adding more sweetener when I want a "clumpy" granola, sometimes changing the flakes I use (I actually really like rye flakes, but they can be hard to come by at times around these parts), and always changing up the mix-ins (raisins? ugh, you'll never find raisins in food I personally eat! I use them here at the inn and in my baking line -- organic of course-- but there's something funky about a raisin that just isn't for me. Strike that, I should qualify that by saying this: if raisins are cut in half, I can eat them. That's how I was taught to make "hermit" cookies by my mom, cutting the raisins in half. But, who has time for that anymore?!)

So, here's your recipe, here's your video. Sorry the angry in the happy vegan came out today. I'll behave tomorrow.


Almond Maple (if using maple syrup) granola

3 cups organic flakes of choice (oats, rye, quinoa, wheat, whatever you like)
1 cup organic slivered almonds
2-3T organic coconut oil (or solid earth balance)
2T sugar (typically I omit, but this is my recipe as originally written)
1/4 cup organic all purpose flour (I always omit at this point as well, but again this is my personal recipe and how I used to make it way back)
pinch sea salt (I also omit this)
1/3 cup maple syrup (I was out when I made the video, I used organic FT agave)
1tsp organic FT cinnamon, or other spices of choice (i.e.: pumpkin pie spice, whatever ya got)
1t organic FT vanilla
1/2t organic almond extract
1t organic coconut extract (optional)
1/2 cup organic raisins (yes, I admit I used to use raisins, and pick them out of my own bowl…. see above, no more raisins in this happy vegan's granola)
1/2 cup dried cranberries (organic if possible)

Optional add ins: organic pepitas, organic FT cacao nibs, organic unsweetened coconut flakes, any other organic seeds you like… hemp is excellent, also any other organic dried fruit is fine, or any other organic nuts, I'm partial to pecans, NOM!

Preheat oven to 325. Combine flakes & almonds on baking sheet, spread evenly, and toast about 10 minutes--watch to insure it doesn't over cook; stir once. While toasting the oats & almonds, if you're using the flour and Earth Balance do it this way: cut the EB into the flour, sugar and salt so it's crumbly. Toss over the toasted oats & almonds. In separate bowl, combine the maple syrup and extracts, then pour over the dry ingredients, toss gently, spread on baking sheet, toast 10 minutes, stirring once.

If you're doing it like me, w/o the flour and EB, do it this way: while stuff is toasting, make a slurry of all the remaining ingredients but NOT the raisins, cranberries or other mix ins. Place the toasted flakes and nuts into a bowl, pour the slurry over it, mix gently, and spread back on baking sheet, toast 10 minutes, stirring once.

When cooled, combine your mix ins, and you're done. Freeze for long term storage. Lasts 3-4 weeks w/o freezing. Great in a parfait w/vegan yogurt; simple breakfast with fresh fruit and unsweetened non-dairy milk; great over non-dairy vegan ice cream if you go for that kind of thing. Also, this makes a wonderful hostess gift. Put some granola in a fancy (or not so fancy jar) spruce it up with a fancy bow and bam, instant hostess gift.

See ya next time with more MoFo love.


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