Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Cowbell

Its been a rough few days here. At first, I thought time management was the root of all my problems, but then I realized it has been almost exactly 2 weeks for me without running. When did I turn into this person who, as much as I despise running, feels worse when I don't run. Hurt ankle (remember the faceplant on the missed step up?), big fire (I swear, I ran so fast that night amped on adrenaline I felt NOTHING on that ankle, it was like I was flying.... until the adrenaline rush was over, insert BIG frown here), errands, and blah, blah, blah.

Today I put on running gear, and off I went. Ok, I didn't manage a full run, but I came very close to one, and I ran the entire time, no slacking. Then I thought more, and concluded my problems weren't just about not running, but rather about not running with my tiara. Then I thought even more, and realized that it wasn't just not running, and not without my tiara, but I need a stick and a cowbell too. This way, I can play along with all the new stuff on my iPod. Yes, my problems are three fold; not running, not running with a tiara, and not running with said cowbell (ooo, that sounds so bad, hold your jokes on the cowbell issue, PLEASE!)

Next time you're on Big Pine, if you happen to see some girl running down the street wearing those ridiculous (but very effective) Vibrams, slamming a cowbell while wearing a tiara, don't stop and say hi. Just drive on like this is a normal everyday occurrence. I'll feel much better about myself, truly. I have obviously crossed any last line there was worrying about "what will people think" when they see me.

Fingers crossed that I never, ever lose my iPod. No iPod, no cowbell. I'm filing all this under Carpe Diem. Absolutely.

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