Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Vegan Month of Food 2016 - Day 28 "Let's Bake"

Note: Sorry this is published in the morning of the next day.... our internet service went on the blink in the middle of me working on this last night. It was out for hours, I gave up.

Let's get to it!

This prompt was made just for me! "They" want to see what we're baking for the holidays. Now, it's just a wee early in the month for me to be full tilt baking in the kitchen, but I DID do some holiday related baking today, and I have some pictures of years past to share. If you ever really want to know what goes on probably in most baker's kitchens during the month of December, I'd say it's a safe bet if you said "chaos."

Up until last year, if you asked me to bake something, it was available for the holidays. Nothing was off limits (as long as it was vegan), my entire inventory was always available. This resulted in tons of orders, sure, but unfortunately many different things. I've been known to pull all nighters baking, and it is NO fun. Last year I moved into a different mindset, I streamlined. I still had an enormous amount of work as a result, but it was better. This year, I'm even more streamlined, and I am not taking orders for shipping. It is just too overwhelming, you know the story.... be careful what you wish for. Especially if you're a specialty vegan baker. They say beware the Ides of March????? No one EVER mentions December. Hm.

Without further chit chat, here's some stuff I've baked today, some stuff I've baked in the past, and a general idea of what goes on around here to bring the goods to the vegan community for the holidays.

Vegan Gingerbread People
Many of them
This is my idea of how cookies should look every December
Many of them
Gluten Free Organic Vegan
I do like these. A lot.

Vegan Macaroons with cacao nibs
With beet added to make them extra festive
Many of them
I do these at Valentine's as well

More of my version of iced Christmas cookies

Many cookies
I don't give my own platters as much attention as I should
Here's some Solstice cookies I made for someone else's Solstice party a few years ago
I think these were lemon lavender, I forget
Many of them. Trays and trays and trays of these
Moon shaped

I observe the Winter Solstice
Unfortunately the last few years I don't have time to do things the way I really want
This was a rushed Yule Log, but so delicious
Chocolate Sponge
Whipped Cream
Dusted with cocoa
Fondant 'shrooms
Of course vegan
I was gifted a recipe by a NY Kosher bakery for rugelach
I veganized it
I only do chocolate
These are something I wish I everyone could taste
They are drops of Heaven

Italian Christmas Cookies--veganized!
I made these today, and will be making MANY
of these for the season
One of my prize recipes
Organic anise
Of course vegan down to the sprinkles
These cookies took A LOT of trial and error to perfect
They're awesome

At 4am-ish, things get a little skewed in the kitchen
A few years ago on a night I had no customers I worked all night in the kitchen filling orders
I had a little leftover icing
I made Vegan Black Metal Chef cookies
What did you THINK they'd look like produced at 4am-ish?
Maybe I should've saved this picture for "fail" day?
Sweet Taralli
Traditional Taralli

My version of veganized
black and white biscotti
Every holiday season!

I made veganized cookie ornaments

These are veganized Polish Kolacky
My version is Gluten Free 
Key deer really do know how to fly

Coconut Mango Biscotti
All summer long I buy and dehydrate local mangoes
just for these cookies and macaroons

Last year, I finally perfected mom's Hermit cookies
using aquafaba
I have dozens of bins like this every holiday season
at the ready for shipping
Not this year though. I'm taking a little break.
Last year, during another all night bake fest, I pressed thousands of vegan spritz style cookies, bagged them up, and headed down to Key West dressed up foolishly in a tutu, and sparkly stuff. I had two friends with me. We walked up and down the streets of Key West handing out bags of free vegan cookies to people. We also stopped at a local soup kitchen where I dropped off dozens of mini-bundt cakes, and we walked around talking to the people there while we handed out cookies too. It was the second year I've done that, the year before I took the other happy vegan with me. I have to say the soup kitchen was pretty well received, however I'm not sure what other people we met thought of our randomness. Key West usually is known for it's "anything goes" attitude, but there were some questionable moments during the hours of passing out vegan cookies to anyone and everyone. 

That chubby dude in the red suit showed up everywhere
I sure hope my friends don't mind this picture...
my friend on the left is "Jen #2" on the far right is Julie
I'm in the pink tutu.
The guy in the red suit approved of the spritz.
By the way, it was about 80 degrees the day we were doing this...
major props to Mr. Chunky in the suit

Ho ho ho, plant style!

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  1. I love your outfit, and of course all the baked goods. Everything looks so uniform! This Christmas there are about a million things I want to bake, but I'm starting to accept that I can't actually just eat hundreds of cakes and cookies every day - more's the pity!