Friday, November 18, 2016

Vegan Month of Food 2016 - Day 18: "Into the Darkness"

Today's prompt is to make a food that is either black and white, OR take a photo of food in black and white. I'm all in.

I must let you know I make the best black and white cookie ever. No, seriously, I do. But, I didn't have time for that today; that cookie would have been my choice despite the fact it's not completely black and white, if only I had more time. We spent the large majority of our day volunteering for the Refuge, going door to door canvasing, handing out information regarding the screwworm outbreak. Immediately after we finished that by late afternoon.... into the evening.... we were out medicating Key deer we could find. "Black and white" prompt doesn't count for the day and night of my day.... if only.

 Black and white meringues for you!!!

I use a lot of aquafaba around here, and I used it today.

I took a picture of each view first without the black and white filter.... see how they look much more cream colored? Must just be the poor lighting in my kitchen.... it's pretty late right now, zero natural light, and shadows being thrown from all angles. Sorry.

Without further delay, my black and white vegan meringues. They are PERFECT (if meringues are your thing!)

Close up
The white is actually pure white
I think it's just the bad lighting in my kitchen throwing them off

I chose a black and white filter for this shot
Super pretty.

Shadows, off-center and bad lighting...
absolutely a photo taken by me!

I chose a black and white filter here

Oooooo, bonus!
This is a picture of one of the ferals we feed and check up on every night.
She's black and white!
Shh..... don't tell anyone, but if we catch her....
we're keeping her.
What's one more?
She so wants to be our friend, but is so not trusting of us.

Ebony & ivory, vegan style, forever together.



  1. They look so pretty! And good luck winning over your feline friend!

  2. Your meringues look perfect! Hopefully your kitty friend will become more trusting soon! :)