Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vegan MoFo 2016 - Day 1 Favorite Food

And we're off! Day 1 of Vegan Month of Food, which happens to fall not so coincidentally on World Vegan Day 2016! Woot!

This year we again have suggested "prompts" to work with, either a topic of the day, or a weekly theme. So far, my plan is to stick to the daily prompts. Today we're being asked for our favorite food. If you know anything about me, you know I love chocolate, Italian food, and sugar. I avoid sugar like the plague as much as possible ... although as these videos unfold through the month you'll see I have no problem being a sugar pusher in my cooking and baking. Last year during Vegan MoFo I was in the midst of quite a few months of high raw, even fully raw many days. I had also eliminated soy, wheat, oil, nuts, sugar, coffee, alcohol and a few other things.... although I'm not presently high raw or fully raw, I pay close attention to sugar consumption as a rule of thumb, which includes no alcohol. I am not here to lecture on soy, wheat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or anything else (I will feel free to lecture on veganism though!) because I actually think there's nothing wrong with soy, wheat, sugar or these other things, unless being avoided for medical reason, and consumed in reasonable amounts. What gets most of us into trouble is working to define what is reasonable.

All that being said..... DARBSTER!!!!!!!!!

Video please......

That's a lot of sugar on that plate, and also the first time in about 2 years I had such a breakfast. We had NO vacation this year (thanks Matthew.....) and our only time away from home consisted of a roughly 48 hour whirlwind road trip to North Central Florida for a festival. We crammed in a lot of delicious vegan food.... including breakfast, brunch and sugar.

Breakfast out is virtually non-existent for me considering the line of work I'm in. When I do get such an opportunity I usually opt for savory, or raw... but, damn, this was good.  French toast made with challah bread, banana compote, fresh fruit, tempeh bacon. Oh Darbster, I love you, love you LOOOOOOOOOVE you.

By the way, if you're wondering who has the best and I mean the BEST tofu scramble in the Universe, it's the Manatee Cafe in St. Augustine. Better than mine, better than yours.... better than anybody's. You don't get a video from there though.... thank Matthew for that too.

Happy World Vegan Day.

Go Vegan, Stay Vegan.

See you tomorrow.... I wonder what we'll be talking about.... I've got nothing preplanned. Wish me luck.


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