Saturday, November 26, 2016

Vegan Month of Food 2016 - Day 26 "Cookbook Bonanza"

Our prompt today is to show you our favorite cookbooks. We touched on this last year, and my obsession has not slowed down since then. I now own over 200 cookbooks, of course some from very well known vegan chefs, but many others are from the local thrifts. I really like books from the 40s and 50s especially. They are simple easy ingredients, before processed foods really took hold, and I find them pretty easy to veganize. Easy on the budget, and a fun hobby for sure. However, the one cookbook I use more than any other lately is a concept cookbook which I think is brilliant, so unlike any other book I own. It's an original concept as well. I was drawn to this chef because of his music (METAL!) but the videos slay me every time. Epic.

I wish I had time to do this video properly, one that this concept book truly deserves. The amount of information in this book is unbelievable. It's not just food, there's philosophy sprinkled in (just enough), practically every recipe has a QR code which takes you to an original video tutorial with original music for each video/recipe, and the food comes out perfect every time. This book is the result of the vision of one person. I'm in love with this book, we backed the Kickstarter last year, and have to say the final product far exceeded anything we expected. I highly recommend this book. I owe Chef a debt of gratitude. I'm a baker, there's passion there for me there for sure but cooking? Not so much. This book is exactly what I needed, without me ever knowing it. It's changed how I work in the kitchen when it comes to food I'm willing to prepare for ourselves. Which book do I speak of....?



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  1. This sounds like a great book! I also love how you pick up new (old) books too, it sounds like you have quite the collection.