Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Vegan Month of Food 2016 - Day 15: Taste the Rainbow!

 Solidly at the mid-way point for Vegan Month of Food 2016.

Today's prompt is to fit as many colors into a dish as possible. I'm a fan, a huge fan, of colorful food, so much of what I eat is impacted by how things look, the beauty of color! Edible flowers, vegetables, fruits.... so pretty! I'm constantly drawn to color in food and nature, I suppose it makes up for the fact that I am loathe to wear color, I prefer black which I take a lot of flack for (no idea why).

I took the liberty of scrolling through some pictures of food I have taken in the past for today's prompt. The "fail" is included because I'm honest that way.... far more fails flow through my kitchen than anyone could ever know.

Orlando Cookies.

I didn't know what to do to cope
after the terror attack in Orlando.

I went to the kitchen.
I made hundreds of rainbow heart cookies.

Then I packaged them up, and drove around
giving them away.

Love wins.

A long time ago, we had papaya trees and banana trees.
The bananas and papaya came from our garden.
The mangoes came from a friend, the kale from a mainland farmer.
Our papaya trees all were lost in a storm, and
our banana trees aren't happy here anymore either.
But, thankfully, our friends and neighbors still have plenty to share!

This was a bright cake I made a long time ago.
It looks extra shiny because it's sprinkled with luster dust,
as glitter makes everything even better.
I forget what flavor this was.

I went to the Good Food Conspiracy on Big Pine one day and
Ruby was making this beautiful veggie salad.
I had to take a picture, obviously!

This was a "live taco" plate I recently had
at Food for Thought in Marathon.
When Christina put this down in front of me
all I could manage was

This was my first ever attempt at Pride cookies,
about 7-8 years ago.
Skittles. Taste the Rainbow.

Wagon wheel pasta is THE best pasta shape EVER!!!

I have no idea where I ate this, but it was SO good.
Marinated glazed tofu over a bed of
rainbow veggies.
Simple is luscious.
Oil free chopped salad....
Happy Vegan Style.

Yes, I totally suck at making vegan sushi,
but I try.
My favorite wraps are the Paleo brand of
raw turmeric coconut wraps.
That's what I used here.
Taste the rainbow indeed!

I have perfected the Italian Christmas cookie!
I make thousands of them every season
and ship them all over the place.

With just a little caring from a restaurant
 eating out can be fun!
This was a rice and veggie bowl I was served a long time ago
at a local eatery.
Complete with edible flower.

Even gluten free, no added sugar, chocolate waffles can be rainbowy as heck!
Yes, we're speaking to you.
Love wins.

Here's my favorite smoothie tucked inside
my favorite Tervis.
It's a rainbow, see?

In front of a draped rainbow flag.

When love wins, we all win.

Smoothies taste even better in rainbow cups.

I have so many pictures of beautiful food, we could go on forever.

I know that color for me is key when it comes to food, and also nutrition. Raw vegan is what I believe is healthiest for me. Although I do not always follow the raw vegan path, I DO always follow the vegan path. Raw comes and goes in my life, but color (nor vegan) never leaves.

Eat the rainbow!


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  1. So many beautiful dishes! I have a sweet tooth, so the heart cookies and birthday cake really appeal to me, but everything looks so appealing. I also struggle to make sushi, somehow the rolls are always a little sloppy. It's fun trying, though!