Thursday, November 3, 2016

Vegan MoFo 2016-Day 3 "I don't have time to cook!" meal....

Groundhog day around here.... too busy, not enough hours, extra stuff to do, blah blah blah.... today's prompt is something like "I don't have time to cook" so what's my go to meal. 

I was going to open a box of PowerO's and pour them in a bowl, but it's Vegan Month of Food, I felt obligated to do something more than that (although just barely).

For what this is, and the amount of time invested, it's delicious. The sauce is super. This is an oil free dish, and depending on how much Bragg's and what type of ketchup you use, it can be low sodium (I'm not low sodium generally speaking, but I do cut it out anytime possible, this dish is another example by using low sodium broth).

It's late, I'm still working; I've got to still hit the gym, and feed the little ferals I look after in the secret spot. I'll see you tomorrow. At least I've got lunch all fixed up already! 

Go vegan, stay vegan!


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  1. Well done for not just settling for cereal - I know that struggle! And there's definitely no shame in keeping a supply of taco shells in, we've always got to be prepared!