Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Vegan Month of Food 2016 - Day 16 "Compliments, Please!"

Today we're tasked with bringing you food in complimentary colors. Why re-invent the wheel is what I say.... Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, red and green continually appear all around me. Don't believe me.... look at all this!

I actually remember preparing this....
Polenta with fresh red sauce.
It took a LONG time to make the polenta....
stirring.... stirring.... stirring
Green plates count, right?
Saw a non-vegan version on Pinterest
Bah to non-vegan!
This is vegan!
This is what happens when I spend far too many hours in the kitchen...

I think this was a kale salad with vegan parm and tomatoes
I made it, I photographed it but....
this was a long time ago, not sure!
Sublime, Ft. Lauderdale
Greens from their rooftop garden
Might not be the best picture
but holy hell, vegan eggplant parm and local greens
w/mango dressing!
The other happy vegan makes the BEST
eggplant parm!!!
More Jersey autumn splendor

Autumn splendor from Jersey

Tropical complimentary splendor!

Red... right next to those sprouts
Brussell sprouts getting ready to roast
I picked this mango, indeed I did!
It IS red and green!

We have a huge hibiscus bush here
The iguanas love the flowers
It's ok, iguanas are green, so it works
Did you know hibiscus are edible, of course you did!
Another great meal at Kaya, which is gone.
Vegan pesto, with grilled asparagus and tomatoes.
Those were the days my friend.
I couldn't resist
This is how people decorate for the holidays where I live
I love this!
This is some kind of flame plant
it actually grows in my garden!
Oh so long ago....
garden grown basil
whipped into vegan pesto
served on linguine w/tomatoes
This too was a masterful creation from Scott
at Kaya.
We really miss that place.
Vegan sugar cookies
Key deer style!
Falafel waffles
with cucumber sauce and tomatoes
Of course vegan.
They were an experiment,
never to be repeated.
OMG, complimentary mango splendor
The first or second year after I had moved here
my brother sent me a care package for my birthday
Jersey corn and Jersey tomatoes
I practically cried
If you live in Florida, you understand
My compliments to Mother Nature
Tofu Benedict with avocado hollandaise
The Cafe, Key West
Homemade ravioli
Used the dough recipe in the Vegg cookbook (best EVER!)
tofu ricotta using a recipe from Whole Foods site
I can tell by my plate and mat
this was at Christmas
Why do I use so much red and green,
I don't even celebrate Christmas!
Well, it's red, and it's green
but beyond that I have no idea
what I cooked here!
Long lost Yule cake
I make one for us every year
This was one of the less elaborate ones
but... see, red and green!
This is a Caprese plate I made for a Meetup last year
The theme was vegan wine & vegan cheese
We had over 50 vegan cheeses represented!
One of my contributions was this plate
Miyoko's wet buffalo mozzarella style cheese
This is the inside of lasagna rolls, before I rolled
Tofu ricotta made by me of course
This is a velvet apple
growing at the Grimal Grove!
Italian Rainbow Cookies
I saw them non-vegan style, and took on the challenge
These were a ton of work, but
real showstoppers
Papayas, green but.... look below...
Local red cherries (some type of cherry I think!)
a huge bundle given to me long ago by a friend
These are tart with a giant pit in the middle
A challenge to work with, but oh so beautiful!

Until I was scrolling through photos for yesterday's prompt, I honestly didn't realize how much I love red and green plants and food.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats fresh organic greens with ripe Jersey tomatoes and a simple vinaigrette.

Red and green forever, go plants!


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  1. Your love for red and green is clear! I was so excited by the falafel waffles, until I read that you wouldn't repeat them. Inspired thinking, though! And the little strawberry santas are so cute!