Thursday, October 5, 2017

Vegan MoFo 2017 Day 5 (6?): More rain. King Tides. Food.

Sitting in my car to publish this. Bear with me. Rain last night, today, tonight and tomorrow we are being subjected to a tropical depression along with crazy ass King Tides.  Some may be debating on things like outfits public persona are wearing, the NFL and other topics foreign to me, here I along with so many others are simply seeking a dry place of refuge as we all work together to restore our lives.  It's been a frustrating day with flood after flood, but we are in this together, plus I'm remaining upbeat and optimistic because I have so much love in my life whereas others are struggling with that as well. Depression and other hard things are beginning to creep into the lives of so many right now, our goal is to get our s*** together asap and then do more than currently able to help the rest, this is a protracted recovery in our area. Scroll down past the video for a few shots of King Tides on my road.... everything you see is ocean water not standing rain no matter the color.

Here's the photos I promised:

Crap none of the photos will upload at this moment I'll get some help and to a better spot to work and load them for you then, thanks I know under the circumstances you all understand.

Hugs til tomorrow.



  1. Attitude is altitude my Sensi used to say, your attitude brings you wings. Thank you for continuing to share your Vegan MoFo posts in difficult times, proving Vegan through thick and thin. You inspire me and so many others in so many ways. Peace❤️

  2. I hope the rain eases off soon. In the UK now after any kind of disaster people are starting to talk more about mental health support for survivors/victims (eg. after the Grenfell Tower disaster) and about how people will need therapy or treatment for years. Is the same discussion happening after your natural disasters? I was wondering if your crazy healthcare system might make that kind of help unavailable.

  3. Thank you for continuing to share the story of your journey to restore. You continue to inspire me to focus on what's really important and to try my best to approach every situation with patience and understanding. Hope you get a break from the rain soon.