Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Vegan MoFo 2017 Day 17: Alcohol (as an ingredient)

I'm taking some liberties with this post. First no video, no time. When I say I'm busy, it's an understatement. We hope to roll out our reopen date for you in the very near future, which adds a double fun layer to things right now as you can rightly imagine. Secondly, the picture posted (a miracle itself) is a Sugar Apple tempeh Reuben... close enough under the circumstances. Mostly food on this post today with a few personal ramblings, follow along.

I removed alcohol from my life due to issues I have with sugar. Yes if I want a drink I'll have it, but it's rare. I'm not anti alcohol personally, although certainly not everyone should be drinking, and if we do indulge no driving (or texting haha). Lots of people use alcohol in recipes but I look at it as simply another allergen and I choose to not include it in anything I make commercially, for catering or for our guests. That said I will still add it to things like tiramisu for friends and family. When recipes do call for the hard stuff I typically swap out juice of some type. Here's a recipe I discovered years ago when VegWeb was in its prime. Beer baked tempeh Reuben's! I've made it with vegan beer back in the day but now when I make this I substitute apple juice. Here in the Keys make the trip to Cole's Peace in Key West for the vegan rye you won't be sorry. You know my favorite sandwich, that which I judge all other sandwiches by is a tempeh Reuben. I'm fortunate enough that Sugar Apple in Key West makes the best I've ever had, so I'm sharing a picture from one of the gazillion Reuben's I've had there. Someday soon we will be back to some type of normal life and a tempeh Reuben at Sugar Apple is top of my list. I would never steer you wrong...try this recipe with or without an IPA. I leave off the caraway seeds but that's just me.

Mmmmmm vegan tempeh Reuben. For the win. Here's the link:

Motor over to Facebook for the picture, sorry!

Til next time. ❤️

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