Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

It's been over a week since we've met here together, how are you doing? We are ok.... a little tattered and torn, but no worse for the wear. Things move very quickly this time of year. Have you wondered what we've been up to? Let's see if I can remember some of the goings on...

Baking. LOTS of it. Here the oven is in overdrive. In fact, a new oven is coming my way... a nice BAKER'S oven. Never did I think I'd trade in my love of fashion, shoes, boots and jewelry for appliance catalogues and still get the same effect. Remarkably though I have. I get woozy when I see the slop sink nozzle of my dreams, get the giggles when I think about the next range hood that will be installed here, and practically died from joy when my new oven got ordered. I am constantly in the kitchen. Today I had a very weird occasion where my kitchen time wasn't as voluminous as usual. Once my chores were finished, I slipped on my sneaks and hit the road for my 4 miles. When that was over I took Pop out for some errands (see below), then came back here, but wasn't sure what to do. Not much baking to do (or so I thought). I went to lay down for a while to try for a nap. That was not meant to be because I'm preoccupied. See next paragraph.

Peri is on walkabout. This is pretty much all consuming for me. It's going to be 3 days since this newest adventure, and I am NOT happy, in fact I am quite miserable. All of the guests, neighbors, and Peri's parents are on the lookout. We are all going a bit nutty calling for him. I covered the entire road today during my run calling for him. Nothing. I covered half the beach, while the other happy vegan actually combed the entire beach, both ways. Nothing. I hear others calling, voices carried on the wind, "Peri, Peri, Peri!" Nothing. When I attempted to nap, I just couldn't because all I could think of was Peri, and then I'd get that pit in my stomach. I cannot tell you how many times I've been outside looking. He's very small, the world is so big.

I finally found time to sit in a stylist's chair for the first time in close to 6 months and get a dye job. When I left, I had celebrity silky smooth hair that smelled good, looked good, and took a few years off my looks overall (I really think so!) This has affirmed that I must find more time for myself, at the very least I will not neglect my hair again for so long. Things get away from me on high season, and since I stuff my hair in a hat or tie it up every day being around food all the time, there's not much worry if the hair has roots 5" long, is there? Well, I discovered there is a slight bit of concern, so I promised myself to be more attentive and force the time issue when it comes to hair -- especially since I also got the report that there were NO gray hairs lurking. Whee!

I have been working on a few new cooking recipes. This actually is more of a struggle for me than baking, since cooking is so not natural for me, nor do I really like to cook (did I just admit that?!) Yeah, it's true, cooking is not my thing. This is why I HAD to take lessons from a professional chef once we committed to buying this place. That, my friends, was worth every single penny. So, the new cooking plods along at a painfully slow pace, and I do not push myself the same way I do with new baking recipes.

The Blue Angels are in town.  NAS Key West Southernmost Air Show is all weekend long, this weekend. I've waited 18 months for this show. We are going, both days. I have my list of things to bring (chairs, sun umbrella, SPF, camera with 2 batteries and camcorder) I'm hoping I'll actually remember to consult my list this time. Last time I actually forgot to charge the camera the first day, talk about pitching a fit when the camera died after 2 clicks of the Angels. No one to blame but me. So, 2 fully charged batteries are coming with me, and 2 lenses too. Not sure why I'm worried so much... as per last time, I'm pretty sure I'll get about 600 photos of clear blue sky and not much more... they fly so fast.  If Peri was where he belonged, I would be jumping for joy about this weekend, but truth be told, I am very preoccupied with him. As much as I want to be at the show, I want to stay home and search for him, or wait for him to mysteriously appear as if he was never gone.

Today I spent some time with Pop. We ran a few errands together, and I took him to get his hair cut. Pop is turning 104 this coming week.  One hundred and four years old and still going strong. Since I'm doing one of his cakes ("chocolate cake, honey with a side of kisses!"), I think I'm going to decorate it with 104 flowers. I'm not sure about that yet, but that's my thought. If that is to be, I have to start the flowers this weekend. Between the air show and Peri's walkabout, I'm not sure how this will play out.  Here's a picture of Pop just after the haircut, my apologies to the stylist, I am so terrible with names... she's a very nice gal, and I LOVED the colors in her hair! 

Pop and friend, looking marvelous!

After Pop had his haircut finished, we made a few other stops through town picking things up and dropping things off. It was nice to spend some time with Pop instead of the drive to Marathon like we always do; a change of pace was good for him.

Aside from a few behind the scenes things which I PROMISE to tell you about in short order, I guess things are status quo, besides what I've written about. I hope to have some really nice photos from the Blue Angels shows, I'll do my best. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that we can fit in a tempeh reuben from Sugar Apple, although the timing might not work out this time around between the air show and the store hours.

Please hold good thoughts for the Mayor of Long Beach, Periwinkle, sweet Peri. Life is all wrong when he is not here.

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