Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Favorite Things - A Theme

I've decided to devote a few posts this month to my favorite things.  I have lots of favorite things.  Favorite people (short list), favorite animals (long, never ending list), favorite food (exceptionally long as well), favorite movies, favorite things to do, and blah-blah-blah. Today is about a favorite thing of mine called eye-witness justice.

I was driving Pop up to Marathon this morning enjoying the view.  It was a little sprinkly in the Lower Keys early this morning, but as soon as I hit the bridge, it was blue sky and sunshine.  I noticed the annual "decorating of the Australian Pine that grows magically out of concrete on the old 7 Mile Bridge" and laughed.  After I dropped Pop, I had errands to do in Marathon.  By the time I finished my stuff, it was well after 1pm.  Way later than I usually head back to Big Pine on a Pop day.  Traffic was a little heavier than usual, I think simply because I was heading home later than usual.

As I was driving through Marathon coming upon the 7 Mile Bridge, there was no traffic behind me, but a few cars were ahead on the bridge.  I was in Pop's car.  It's older, and I'm not as confident in it's abilities as I am with my own vehicle, so I mind my manners very well in that car.  I don't take chances in his car, and I keep the speed pegged only about 5mph above posted limits anywhere I go, especially on that bridge.  Anyone who lives in the Keys and drives on a regular basis has seen some pretty crazy stuff on that bridge, and we know to never let our guard down.

By the time I was on the bridge, traffic was steady.  I fell into the line of traffic, and noticed coming up seemingly out of nowhere was a brand new large sized crossover vehicle.  She was approaching me at a high rate of speed.  When she came upon me, she began tailgating me.  I noticed she was on her cell phone.  I sighed.

There were cars in front of me, and a steady stream of traffic oncoming.  She was itching to get past me, but there wasn't much space between me and the next car, nor the 2 cars in front of him. That mattered not in the scheme of things, for she had her plans.

She continued to tailgate me and talk on the phone.  About half way across the bridge, she made her move and bolted past me and the car in front of me.  Traffic was oncoming as well, so at the last moment, she hit the brakes, and cut in front of a car to get back into our travel lane. This behavior was repeated all across the bridge until I couldn't see her anymore.

At the end of the bridge we drove a little bit more, and a few miles later I saw flashing lights ahead. I wondered about the white crossover, but thought that would be just too good to be true, it's rare I ever see offenders that pissed me off pulled over.  I got closer and indeed what to my wondering eyes should appear but a favorite thing... I was eye-witnessing justice! A Sheriff had the woman in the white crossover pulled over.  Maybe it was for cell phone, but more likely it was for speeding.  It would've been great if it was for reckless driving, but that's doubtful.  I slowed a little bit.  Her window was rolled down of course.  I rolled my window down, very lightly tapped my horn, blew her a kiss and waved.  I couldn't help myself. She deserved it, she really did.

Justice on any level is a favorite thing of mine.  I see it so rarely anymore, but I witnessed it today.  In the scheme of things, this didn't really effect me, right, because she didn't run me off the bridge, nor anyone else in my vicinity.  But, she could have killed someone or many someones.  Thank goodness she didn't.  And, thank goodness at one of those moments, a Monroe County Sheriff's Officer eye-witnessed something more than a little "off" about her behavior as well.

Ahh..... this is definitely one of my favorite things.

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