Monday, June 25, 2012

Goings On

We're still in a less than prime weather pattern in our neck of the woods, although thankfully the rains are mostly gone.  Thoughts are with those in Central Florida, the Gulf Coast and such where Debby is stalling and dumping copious amounts of rain.  Here, we're left with winds.  Intense, never ending, winds.

The big bad wolf has been huffing and puffing for days, but he seemed to ramp things up early evening yesterday, and just hasn't stopped.  Through it all, there's still plenty to do in the area, but we can cross "water activities" off the list for another day or so.

This was early Friday evening; a squall was moving through.
Here, you can see quite well the leading edge of the storm.

I turned to my right and saw the sky had instantly turned black.

This is the last photo I took before I grabbed Peri and ran.
All is well, this was just a squall, and really isn't that unusual.
Truth be told, it was magnificent to see.
For me, I was busy preparing for Key Wests Midsummer Night's Dream and Spectacle.  The event went ahead on Saturday night, it was rain or shine.  As I loaded my car with all things needed for my booth, I took note of a very small spot of sun on my driveway. Windy too, but I can deal with that, no problem, is what I thought as I loaded.  I was happy enough it wasn't raining.  I put on my faerie costume, magic purple hair, covered myself in glitter and tucked my borrowed wings into the car.  Half way to Key West the floodgates opened and I wondered aloud what the heck am I doing? I persevered for the drive down, and by the time I hit Rockland Key the sky was clear.  Not a drop of rain fell during the festival.  I sold a lot of cookies and sweets, although not as many as I would have if the weather was better.  I know for a fact some people stayed home because of the weather, and my friends didn't go because of the weather.  I'm not sure I would have gone myself if I hadn't committed as a vendor.  I sat outside dressed as a faerie with glitter all over me, sparkly tights, wings, magic purple hair and as big a smile as I could muster considering it was so very warm and humid. Perhaps I would have been a little more comfortable with a smaller pair of wings a fact I have duly registered in my brain. Trust me, by this time next year, I'll have that smaller pair to call my own stashed in my closet, because I did realize my Keys wardrobe is just not completely without wings of my own.  "Cookies taste better when wearing wings" is what I overhead one little faerie telling her mom as she relished an organic vegan snickerdoodle cookie; I admit that was a very cute moment.

One of the many beautiful faeries in the garden at Midsummer Night's Dream.
Overall, Midsummer was better than I expected it would be once the weather started tanking last week, but not as good as originally I hoped before the weather tanked. The event itself is beautiful. I will simply hope for better weather next year, and also I shall plan to bring 1 other person to tend the booth with me.  It was a  bit lonely at times, and I couldn't see any of the poetry, theatre, fire dancing, or other events because I had to stay with my booth. On the way to the ladies' room I did walk by a dark but sparkly corner of the garden where bells were set up and someone was playing them. It was a beautiful moment. I was alone and couldn't see the person playing them at first because it was so dark; the moment was not tactile, but rather all sound, energy and emotion.

The wet weather and wind is creating havoc in animal world.  The deer are constantly bedding down, the birds are roosting for days on end in the Bight, Angel is miserable because she didn't get out today (the wind would quite possibly rip off her wings on the way to the aviary.... no way she is going outside on days like this), and even Peri is cranky.  I rescued him twice in the last two days from the wind; once he hunkered down in the sea oats on the beach, and last night he was cowering in a corner near our garage.  He's not our kitty, remember that please. I'm limited on his care because of this reason. He DOES have a home, shelter, medical care, food and blah blah blah.  Just because my kitties are not allowed outside doesn't mean I am allowed to subject my belief system on others. Through all this, Peri spends the majority of his time here. I couldn't leave him so sad and lonely in the oats or in the corner.  He is doing ok, trust me. And, today with no rain, he's still a little crabby, but not so bad.

Speaking of crabby.... the land crabs are everywhere down here, and I do mean everywhere.  We're all commenting on the crab situation because they literally are everywhere.  They are washed out of their hidey holes.  Their colors are amazing... vivid blues, black, red, purple, yellow, orange and more.  And, they like to gather in corners, behind things, and etc.  This is typical, look at some pictures I took of what's going on:

Look at this tiny guy seeking sanctuary near the edge of a flower pot.

Mr. Crab is very orange!

Crabs can go sideways!  Who knew?

Close up.  Wow, check out that claw!

Crab party behind the rain barrel.

That about sums things up for now, wouldn't you say?

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