Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Things

Yesterday I accomplished all but one of my tasks on that "to do" list I wrote about on my last post.  That is not too shabby, especially considering it took me close to 1.5 hours just to get to Key West yesterday due to some idiot who drove 32 mph from Ramrod Key down to Rockland Key.  You'd think the driver would have noticed a long line of cars, maybe 35 of us or more, behind him constantly jigging for a way to pass.  To no avail.  When I finally got to Rockland Key at the two lane passing zone, I was treated to the most loathed of all drivers... he who talks & texts while driving.  He managed to plug up the passing lane all the way until the last light before entering Key West.  When I passed him, I saw that he was still talking on the phone.  I watched him behind me as we navigated the traffic filled streets in Key West, and noted that he was actually texting when he went to move into the lane to his left.... directly into a silver Dodge. The Dodge was pushed into a "scramble lane" down the center, where a royal blue Toyota was stopped to make a turn.  Lovely.

Moral of the story is put your cell phone down, please.

All this hustle and bustle of high season has taken me all over the middle and lower Keys in the last couple weeks, and its been just exhausting.  I find myself with a day in front of me where I will stay home all day. I'm elated.  I plan to clean, run, do wash, and go to boot camp tonight.  And, I'm going to prepare for a little party we'll be attending over the weekend.  We've been invited to a "spaghetti party."  It is exactly as it sounds... a party where spaghetti is featured.  Friends of friends are throwing the party, and seem to be quite set on making us a beautiful vegan sauce for the spaghetti.  We didn't expect that, and are really happy about this.  Now, in return, I'm going to surprise the host & hostess with my unbelievably delicious vegan tiramisu.  So, today I begin my preparations by baking the basic vanilla cake.  The "cream" takes 2 days to set up before assembling the entire cake, so as you can see there is a fair amount of timing & planning involved.

It's kind of odd that tiramisu is basically my most favorite dessert ever.  I say its odd because there's not much chocolate in tiramisu, and I think chocolate is my most favorite food and flavor.   A long time ago when I worked at a real job, I was chatting with a client who had enough money to travel all over the world, eat at the finest restaurants, and see wonderful places all over.  Somehow tiramisu became the topic of conversation.  He told me that while on a recent trip to Italy, he dined at a restaurant where he had "the best tiramisu of his life." He told me he had asked to see the chef who made the best tiramisu he ever had in his life, and said chef was so taken by his compliments that he GAVE him the recipe. This floored me, the restaurant was very fine dining, and chefs tend to be very protective at times, understandably.  But, this also was in Italy, and although I've never been there, I presume its true that Italians are quite lovely & generous people, certainly based upon my experiences with Italians who have guested at Deer Run.  Hm, I wander....   anyway, after that client and I had that conversation, that client gave ME the chef's recipe.  I never made the recipe, I went vegan instead.  But, I still have the recipe and someday will do my version of veganizing it.  For now, I have a recipe that I make every few years which is also from a restaurant, and is a vegan recipe.  I've had the recipe for many years now, and think its the best.  So, in gratitude I will be taking a whole box of my best vegan tiramisu to the party.

Spaghetti.  Tiramisu.  All vegan.  I think I'm really going to like this party.

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