Thursday, October 26, 2017

This Is Not a Month of Food Post

Friends, there is not much more load that we can bear... the news on Lemon is as bad as it gets. Another punch to the gut for us, nothing in comparison to what he faces. I've tried to put a positive face on for you, so many truly care and it's what has been holding things together for us, but there are cracks In the veneer of my being that are growing by the minute it seems. I've spoken very little of the bureaucratic debacle we are being subjected to by government on every level including local, but it's taking a toll that is indescribable. I thought it would be therapeutic in some ways on our end while informative on your end to do videos and show certain realities. But as with absolutely everything else in my post Irma world, this too is impacted. Simple things are just not simple, will they ever be again is what I ask every day. I've enjoyed what I've been able to do, so I will try and get videos or posts up to finish out the month but I'm not sure I am able,

We have worked so hard, there has been no down time, none. It's all for the reopening, 18 hour days usually. the news about Lemon comes as a total shock in this chaos. I've been his person a very long time, and the other happy vegan loves him just as much. It's difficult to be back in this position just weeks after Princess crossed.

Lemon is very brave, he always has been. His beginning wasn't the best, we were lucky he landed with us. He's my boy, my man, and although I don't speak of him much, he's been a constant and stable presence through some of the worst times I've lived through. Hold good thoughts for him. He is comfortable, loved and supported by excellent trusted doctors. We can never know how long, but the prognosis is grim, we will do our best to maximize the time that remains and be the stewards he deserves.

Thank you friends as we continue to try and work through the shitstorm.



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Lemon. I hope both of you are getting as much care as possible.

    1. No, no, no and again no! Lemon, I am truly sorry for your prognosis, may you and your beloved companions accept all the love that is sent your way. 🐱❤️

  2. Thinking good thoughts & sending hugs to you & Lemon <3

  3. I've appreciated your posts this month. Thank you for sharing your journey. It's raised my awareness of what everyone is experiencing in the keys, and helped me with motivation and resources for my vegan diet. I lost a beloved cat companion this month, and grieve that one top of everything else, you are also grieving.

  4. Oh Jen, I'm so very sorry. You have shared your heart this month and I really appreciate how hard it must be for you at this time. I wish things were better for you <3