Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Joyful Baker (who's also a Joyful Cook)

For anyone wondering, the unspeakable cat behavior is continuing, but that's not what today's post is about. I just wanted to offer you that update.

Today I am writing about food.  I've been immersed for hours over the last few days cooking and baking for other people.  Sure this is something I do everyday for guests of the inn, but things have ramped up with orders and such, and now sweets & savories are being ordered and delivered. More on that later, because I want to concentrate on the actual food.

I received a recent call from someone thinking about staying here as a guest.  As a very flip comment they offered their opinion about our vegan offerings advertised as something along the lines of "we'd eat it, I've tasted such things before, it was ok."  The conversation about food didn't go beyond that comment, as they were essentially thinking out loud, or so I believe; they were not asking me anything specific about the food here, or even food that happens to be vegan in general.  But, that comment has stuck in my mind.

I honestly believe if people had more ability to visualize the "bigger picture," and more access to better food, the majority of people would be vegan. More access also means insuring anyone who is closer to the poverty level, or in the poverty level, gets the good food they need and deserve too, instead of being completely victimized by governments and corporations. Its no secret there is no love lost between me and corporate agribusiness in the world.  I despise what greed and corruption has turned "food" into.  The truth is hidden from consumers, because if we really knew, we wouldn't want to eat that food.

Back to the issue at hand.  Food.  Real food.  Food that happens to be vegan.

I have made batches upon batches of chocolate biscotti with almonds & cranberries for sale, and a bit to take to that spaghetti party.  I'd put my biscotti in any competition against the best offered out in the market, I have that much faith in it.  Oh, and yes, its vegan.  I have made a scratch tiramisu to bring to the spaghetti party which I can only say is down right dreamy.  It's taken 3 days to make, including making the biscuits to substitute for the Lady Fingers, and making my own raw cashew cream as one of the ingredients. This dessert is so good it could be on the menu of any fine restaurant. And, oh yes, its vegan.  I've made dozens and dozens of pounds of hummus this week and delivered it through the lower Keys, people are gobbling it up faster than I can produce.  Yes, of course its vegan.  My cookies, cakes, pies, donuts, veggie burgers, hummus, and countless other sweets & savories are hitting the market, and yes, they're all vegan.  People are not eating this food and saying with a certain glib attitude of "we'll eat it" as if doing me a favor.  No, not at all.  People are rejoicing for the availability of artisan made, fresh and organic food which yes, happens to be all vegan.  There is nothing in this food to raise your cholesterol, there is nothing in this food which caused another being's life to be sacrificed in the name of a sandwich.  This food has even been made with ingredients that support fair trade to help others earn a living wage.  Greed, corruption, disease and ignorance are not ingredients in my food.

I am going for a run, and swore I wouldn't spend ANY time in the kitchen today, but I changed my mind.  I took some orders for a market today and I got excited about so many people wanting this food.  I got excited to make more biscotti for the spaghetti party. As my Kitchen-Aid was swirling the ingredients together I truthfully felt absolute joy as I worked.  And that became the inspiration for this post. 

I do not know what the future holds, none of us know.  But I swear on all that I hold near and dear, I will continue to devote my life to changing this world for the better, one vegan bite at a time.  Stop in for a stay; you will not regret it.


  1. My Darling Jenn... once that potential guest enjoys one of your breakfasts they'll never make a comment like that again.

    I still daydream about those Chocolate Muffins you made on Valentine's Day.


    ~ Anne Green

  2. I wish she could ship them to Canada!

    ~ Anne Green