Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day to you.  Maybe you celebrate, maybe you don't.  I know I've had my fair share of Valentine Days where I was boycotting the holiday for a variety of reasons (usually because I was alone, and didn't want to venture out to a restaurant or whatever into a sea of red clothing, red roses, and diamond rings), but that's just me.

Now I'm here at Deer Run spending my time making a nice holiday for others, which I think we really did once again this year.  I simplified a few things compared to last year (I'll never forget the epic efforts with my attempts...and multiple failures... of red velvet vegan brownies, with shredded organic beets).  Nope, I stuck with tried and true recipes this year (mostly) and every single thing I put forward came out perfect on the first try.  That, my friends, is bliss in my world.

I've done most of my chores already, and have to say, after a brief cold spell (brr!) we're right back up in the high-70s.  Today, a most picture perfect day, is a day made for running, bongo-ing, and baking.  Lucky for me, I've done all those things, and more.

We're going to a little party later at a friend's rental.  They're back in town as snowbirds for a month, after we bid them farewell last year... retirement for them, sadness for us.  But, it's time to be happy, they're back in town, and I'm about to go tint some wicked white (vegan! organic!) frosting just the right shade of pink for a proper Valentine's Day celebration.

Enjoy your day, and I do hope you find time for a little running, a little bongo-ing, and a little baking!

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