Thursday, September 24, 2015

Vegan Month of Food 2015 Day 24: "What Would _________ Eat If They Were Vegan?"

Today is Day number 24 of Vegan Month of Food, and I'm answering the prompt "what would ______ eat if they were vegan?" I get to fill in the blank.

I chose Mother Teresa as my fill in the blank figure. Mother Teresa is on my exceptionally short list of personal heroes. There are no words I could possibly say to convey how I feel about Mother and  her devotion to the service of others. I actually read up on what Mother Teresa ate, although there wasn't much to find. Mother Teresa tended to the sickest of the sick, the neediest of the needy, the most desperate human souls in the slums of Calcutta. She most likely usually ate what I call "accidentally vegan" food simply because she chose to live her life the same as those she tended to.... in complete and total poverty, thus "peasant food" was probably her everyday go-to. I actually wanted to jazz this meal up a bit, but that wouldn't be Mother's style. If I did put mango or something on this for her, she would've probably eaten just 1 piece at best, then given the rest to someone else in need. So, I kept it just as I think she truly would have wanted. As simple as this food is, she would've been just as grateful as if I'd have prepared a 4-course meal for her.... actually she probably would've been MORE grateful for the simple food, and asked that the 4-course meal be given to someone else. Or, even more likely, she would have asked me to not make the 4-course meal, but rather use the money to make many more meals like this one, and feed that many more people in need, yes that is the most likely scenario.

This is what Mother Teresa would eat if she were vegan.


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