Monday, September 2, 2013

VeganMoFo Interrupted (A Diana Nyad Moment)

Unless you live under a rock, you know that today Diana Nyad fulfilled her 35+ year dream of completing an epic open water swim from Cuba to Key West. No shark cage. No flippers. And, PS: she is 64 years old.

I was up pretty much all night last night tracking her on social media, reading the updates, scouring her website for any new information the moment it was posted.  I'm pretty tired, but I'm not the one who just completed over 53 hours in the water, so I guess me saying I'm pretty tired is foolish talk.

I've posted before about Diana Nyad, even mentioning my brush with her fame one day while I was at the Sugar Apple. She was there, I was there. Admittedly I was starstruck. All she wanted was lunch, I didn't want to hound her for a photo, so I didn't. But, I was introduced to her, and I had that brief moment in time to tell her how big a fan I am, how she is an inspiration to me, and wish her luck (that was on a prior swim, not this time around). I do remember her first attempt to do this, in 1978. Enough said about those digits. But, I remember thinking "wow" way back then.

So, being up all night, then glued to the computer between chores this morning have taken a bit of a toll. We went to Key West to join the masses greeting her as she swam ashore. We were there. We saw her come in. We waved our signs, we cheered her on. We saw lots of people we knew.... this is huge news down here, seems like pretty much anyone who wasn't working or entangled with prior commitments made the time to get to Key West and see history in the making.

I'll get back to VeganMoFo tomorrow. Today was dedicated to watch someone fulfill a very long held dream, and to celebrate that moment in time. I'm so happy for Diana Nyad. She has worked so hard. Her team and her inner circle have been by her side all along to help her.

Congratulations Diana Nyad. This is your time, your moment. Thank you for reminding us, among other things, to never give up on our dreams. Your drive, determination and success will never be forgotten, and will forever remind me to never, ever give up.

We love you Diana!

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