Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hello? Hello?

This weekend, the other happy vegan and I are both immersed in an animal communication workshop. This is in addition to working at the B&B (of course), and me having my usual food orders to fill for the week.  Animal communication is something I've grown to be much more interested in, especially since moving here.

I learned about this workshop a few months ago through another massage therapist. I was actually at an informal CEU class for craniosacral work (another huge mystery I'm attempting to unlock for my tool box). At the end of the class, I was handed a flyer that said there was going to be more continuing education held right here on Big Pine Key (how convenient!) and it was for animal communication. I knew instantly I wanted to attend, but couldn't sign up until pretty close to the deadline, simply because it's very hard to plan things when I know I have to work. After realizing I could attend the workshop despite all the other things I had going, I mentioned this event to the other happy vegan. He asked to see the flyer. He wondered to me if he could take it too (he is not a massage therapist, so neither of us wanted to assume it was open to non-therapists).  I called "M" the host for this workshop, and she enthusiastically told me of course it was open to anyone who wanted to attend.

We signed up.

Something in the last year or so has happened to me with how I perceive animals, I'm not sure why it happened, and cannot pinpoint the first time it happened. But, the "it" I refer to is this.... when I'm connecting with an animal, looking at them, thinking about them, speaking or singing to them, my energy often shifts to within the animal's perspective. It's weird, and maybe you don't even believe this, but it's true. Energy shifts from out of my body into the animal, and I can imagine being them looking back at me. And, from that moment, I do my best to really experience in the moment what they are seeing, and feeling.

I'm not really in tune with animals as far as being able to have an open flow of dialogue. Today proved that for me, in that this is a skill I will have to work on constantly. But, it's undeniable that the animals are coming to me and wanting to communicate more often with me. I'm convinced they are seeking me out because I am open to receive them, and really want to help.

We have had animal communicators here as guests in the past. Sometimes the tell me what they do, and at least once I clearly recall a communicator being here, but not saying anything until she was getting ready to leave. She told me a few things in particular about certain animals, and had questions about animals she had no idea who they were but thought maybe I'd recognize. And, then she said something that brought me great comfort.... that my airspace and home here draws many animals, living and in spirit. She said they are here all the time, some stay, and some just pass through. I told her how sometimes I do rituals for the animals, and how the special rocks & crystals I have are for them. She said she already knew that. I think the animals find this place a sanctuary because we don't eat them or exploit them. We love them, and cherish them. They can find safe haven here.

So, today we went to this animal communication class with no expectations, but a lot of curiosity. It has been a really great first day, but despite my best efforts at grounding, I find myself very tired. Doing massage therapy work, I am very accustomed to grounding as well as ways to protect myself energetically from others. I don't feel the need to protect myself from the animals' energy, but I do know I need to stay grounded. I think I was overwhelmed today, and didn't keep my focus where it needed to be. Neither of us happy vegans think we did a very good job receiving messages, but we did tap into a couple of things that has us talking even now, hours after the class ended for today.

Another thing that we did was attempt to find our spirit animal guide. For a long time, I had ideas of who may be guiding me, but today when we were doing the imagery exercise, an entirely different animal came to me, and I'll be honest with you, it was not one I would ever expect, nor particularly invite. There was some violent imagery from the animal through the exercise, and I had feelings that were not necessarily pleasant.  After, when we were given a list of animals and their meanings, some clarity was provided as to why perhaps this really may be one of my main guides. Yet, I am still unsettled by this part of today.

Today was devoted to living animals, while tomorrow will be devoted to spirits. You may think I'm crazy, but more and more I am "hallucinating" animals from my past. My "hat cat" has come to me several times in the last few months, while I've been visited a couple times by some of the others. I think the oddest story I have, which I still cannot explain, was while I was doing a massage session with one of my then regular clients long ago. At one point during the session, I looked across the table, and saw one of my beloved felines who long ago crossed the Rainbow Bridge, all tucked into my client's arm & side. The kitty looked at me, and I was stunned. I wondered why was she here, and how did she get into my room? At the time, my main feeling was shock, and I didn't ask any questions directly to the kitty.  I never asked my client if she knew she had a little kitty lying on the table with her for much of that session, but I suspect she had a general idea she was not alone.

My logical mind does it's best to dispatch these impossible appearances. My heart, however, is greatly comforted by their presence, and I continue to invite them to me anytime they want.  I miss them all so much.

So much has happened in the last few months, I have so much to tell you. But, before another day went by, and I missed another event "in the moment" I thought I'd tell you what's going on, a little glimpse of here, through all the other things.

Tomorrow is spirit day. I have no idea what to expect, but I'm going to soak in as much as possible. I'll let you know what happens!

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