Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Glitter Fixes Everything

When I don't post on our Facebook page for a couple days, it means I'm way out of control busy. Such was the situation with yesterday and today.  The good news is that I've kept up blocking out time everyday, every single darn day, for working out. Sometimes twice in one day (boot camp and running). I've given myself what I call one "wild card" day every week where if I don't run, it's ok. I figured that day would be Sunday, but this past Sunday came and went, and with it a little longer run (New Year, New Me?) I had that wild card tucked in my back pocket and I pulled it out today. Boot camp, yes; running, no.

Part of my issues with time management are simply a lack of space here. My office is too small and improperly designed, and I won't even start on my tiny kitchen with the cracked tile floor again. Without the proper space and tools, any job can take longer, or become more complicated, to accomplish. I got very frustrated today because I was working on something, and it just wasn't going my way. I thought I had planned for pretty much everything with this little project, but speaking of wild cards, one came into play and it kind of started a series of downward spirals. When things like this happen, if I'm not under an imminent deadline, usually what I do is put the project aside for an hour or two and come back to it. This is what I did today, put it aside til after boot camp and then come home to tackle it for tomorrow's deadline.

As I was working, I consciously slowed down and did my best to relax. I stood back to look at my project, and as if someone turned on a switch I remembered something very important I learned a while ago.  Glitter fixes everything.

I didn't used to be too much of a glitter person beyond spangles and sparkles on my clothing. Not one much for putting it in my hair once I passed the age of 20 or so, didn't sprinkle it around my house, slather it on my body, or sprinkle it on my food (yes, there is edible vegan glitter for baking and decorating). I haven't reached for glitter in a while.  The last time I can really remember dire need for glitter was at the mud run last winter. Before our appointed wave, one of the other runners in our group came up to me and sprayed me down in glitter... "glitter makes you run faster." Yes, glitter makes you run faster, but it doesn't miraculously make you able to overcome the "must swim" obstacle. You remember that story, right? Maybe that happened because I didn't have ENOUGH glitter on? Sorry, I digress.

I use glitter for ceremonies, circles, and of course Midsummer. I've put it on cookies, cakes, cupcakes and yule logs. But for some reason, my glitter use has been far below where it belongs lately. Thankfully that switch was turned at some point tonight, and I pulled out my stash of glitter relevant for this project.

As I brushed the glitter on the nooks and crannies of my important project, it sprang to life. All perceived imperfections were washed away. It shimmered, it sparkled, it glowed.

I finished my project just a short time ago, and still have some cleanup to do.  My project is tucked safely away for the night until tomorrow when it will be delivered out my door to a very important occasion. I wish I could be there for the occasion, but I cannot. It's not a wild card day, and I've got to find some way to hit that goal of running AND boot camp. Perhaps with a little glitter, I can manifest an extra hour or two in the day tomorrow.  After all, glitter fixes everything.

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