Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013. Bring It.

First sunrise of 2013 over our slice of Paradise
Last night I kicked 2012 to the curb with not much fanfare. We happy vegans sat by the fire pit with a couple of sparklers and some wine. It started out breezy, then ended up downright windy. Palm tree girl no likey.... off I slunk to the warmth of my house.

That was enough revelry for me.  2012 is gone, and I'm not looking back.

Today dawned with a breeze and some light clouds. The clouds have mostly burned off, and it is absolutely glorious outside. I've already acquired a light sunburn from today's longer run. January in the Keys.

Ready or not, 2013 is here. I'm here too.  Hello 2013. Bring it.

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