Friday, August 24, 2012

Storm Update

Hi gang, how is everyone at the moment; well I hope!  It's been close to 1 week since my last post.  If you haven't "liked" us yet on Facebook, I encourage you to do so.  I promise to keep the blog going, but Facebook has been a wonderful way for me to get information out in a much more timely fashion.  On to the matter at hand.

Here, we're in the "cone" of error for Issac.  As I write, we're waiting for a substantive update from the Office of Emergency Management. All is well, and it's simply a matter of planning.  Presently there are no warnings in place (for us), and no orders for evacuations of residents or visitors.  The storm is a tropical storm as of now, it may or may not strengthen to a Category 1 storm by the time it is over, or near, us. To that end, it's about safety.  And, if OEM calls for special things, then so it shall be.  We are expecting an update about 5pm-ish.  At that time, we would expect to have much more information about the storm's intensity, track, and thus the plans for folks in Florida, especially the Keys.

We've had isolated thunderstorms rolling through today, completely unrelated to Issac.  And, in between those storms, we've had blue skies and sunshine.  Typical South Florida summertime weather.

No need for anything but calm, cool and collected actions.  Everyone is fine, and we are following the bulletins, updates and NOAA weather as closely as the next person.  We are mindful that many people are already in dire straits from storms past, and we are holding very good thoughts for everyone in Haiti, Cuba, and other struggling areas.

Follow our updates on Facebook.  You'll find us under "Deer Run Bed and Breakfast - Florida Keys." I'm a little pressed for time at the moment, so for the next day or so I'll be posting more info on that Facebook page.  Thanks for checking in everyone.  We'll be just fine, as will the Key deer, Peri, Elsa, Angel, and everyone else.  Never just shrug off odds on a storm; it's always better to be over prepared (which of course includes plenty of luscious vegan food & a good corkscrew!)

See you soon!

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