Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summertime Stuff

The weather here has been up and down lately.  Lots of lightning and thunder, especially at night.  It's really pretty to watch the lightning at night when I'm safe & sound in my home, but an entirely different beast to be driving around in the bad weather.  The good days of weather have made for incredibly calm and clear seas, great for being upon the water.  The storms that rumble through late afternoon or at night bring those activities to a quick demise.  Last night I was driving over the 7 Mile Bridge (yes, in the dark, in the rain, with thunder and lightning all around) and was at least grateful I wasn't one of the very few boaters I saw out to sea.

We haven't had any new turtle action on our beach in the last couple of weeks.  We're about half way through nesting season, and have 6 nests, one of which is a washout from severe storms over a week ago.  Through the skittish weather, I've been walking the beach constantly, still picking up trash and searching for sea beans.  I found a bean that I've never seen before, which I haven't yet looked up. It's always a pretty big morale booster for a find like that.

The Key deer are doing well overall, the babies are growing so quickly. There are still some babies not yet born, but by this time the majority have arrived.  I've seen new fawns as late as November, although that is the exception to the rule.

Summertime things roll slower down here. Quite a few friends and acquaintances of mine are scattered about the world having adventures and vacations. Restaurants adjust their hours, some close for vacation.  Many other businesses close for vacation, or adjust their hours too, you know its easy to get so wrapped up in our work that we can forget why we live here.... it's Paradise, that's why.  At least for me.  So, to that end, we are planning another annual closure, this year we've got plans, big plans.  I'm almost ready to reveal on this blog what's going to happen here, but just need to make sure a few more things are nailed down before I go public. Both of us happy vegans are VERY excited about things here, and its not been easy to keep as quiet as we have been about our goals. Suffice to say it's going to make Deer Run even better.... as if that's even possible?  We love it here, and have no plans to not be here.

I've lost my experimenting mojo in the kitchen.  I just don't have it in me as summer rolls slower, and I  want to dial my chores back. I had an idea for something, and couldn't really find an acceptable vegan substitute for something needed.  So, until I find something perfect for that, I kind of ditched the plans for now. Through the summer I'm just plugging along with my regular recipes, which are vast and delicious.  It's ok to be status quo for a while.

I think I've been away from the blog for a while because I was very upset over the Key deer situation (illegal feeding) and truth be told, its still at the forefront of my concerns.  I've written to the overseeing agency, but I don't have many expectations from them either. There's a lot of things going on all over the world with nature, wildlife, environmental issues and so on and the regulating agencies cry over either no money, no personnel or its not their division's jurisdiction.  I think priorities are all wrong, but what I think doesn't really matter, Mother Earth will settle the score in her own way on her own schedule.

I'm going to try and squeeze a short run in between the raindrops today.  I'm not sure it will happen, as I write the thunder is booming just as it did all night long. Where there's thunder there's lightning. Where there's lightning you won't see this happy vegan running.

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