Thursday, September 17, 2015

Vegan Month of Food Day 17: 90 Miles to Cuba......

Day 17! Today we're asked to make (or eat) a traditional local food. I live 90 miles (as the crow flies) from Cuba. I'm closer to Cuba than I am to Miami. There's something that's seemingly offered EVERYWHERE in my region called a Cuban sandwich. Being that I actually HAVE Cuban blood running through my veins (yes, this is true) and have lived here long enough to be called a "fresh water Conch" it doesn't seem right that I have NO idea what a Cuban sandwich is, but that too is true. I hadn't a clue, thus I had to investigate. What I learned is that this sandwich is a heart attack on a plate, piled high with tons of cruelty. Lard. Pork. Ham. Dairy. I set out to veganize this atrocity into a compassionate vehicle, starting with lard-free, scratch made vegan Cuban bread.

Mission accomplished, vegan style.



  1. "Anything is possible in Vegan World" this! Great job!

  2. I just watched the movie "Chef" with my sweetie, and they made Cuban sandwiches on a big ol' sandwich press grill thing. (I think the heavy skillet on top would be a lot easier!) Thanks for veganizing it - I want to try now! I've got a jar of Magic Vegan Bacon Grease sitting in my pantry that I hadn't found a use for yet!