Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vegan Month of Food 2015 Day 29: What Would You Bring On A Vegan Road Trip

So, today the "list" tells me to talk about what I'd bring on a vegan road trip. First, I've covered this before, you know pretty much everything we do in the Keys is a road trip due to logistics, and also when I think about this.... every road trip we do is a VEGAN road trip, not just a road trip. All that being said, as in pretty much all aspects of my life at this point, I'm minimalistic on road trips as well. I usually bring just enough food to get through my first (or 2nd) destination, after that I leave things up to the Universe to help me forage as I think that adds to some of the adventure. What I've not mentioned in this video is that often times I pack "energy balls" which I talked about on last year's MoFo. You can put pretty much any nut, along with some dates or raisins, nut butters, cocoa powder, and/or coconut in the food processor, blend to a chunky paste, then roll into bite size balls. Things like that have gotten us happy vegans through some lean times on the road, no doubt.

Here's my video offering for today's topic. Perhaps I should've been a little more inventive and packed fancy cucumber sandwiches with tea being that it's Vegan Month of Food and all.  Maybe that is what everyone else is writing about, but heck that's just so not me. After all, I was the gal in a supermarket parking lot in the jump seat of a rental car just a few months ago slathering peanut butter and jelly on a pita at 10:30pm on our last trip to see Pop. Everything always works out one way or another.... I didn't even get jelly on the rug.


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  1. Great advice on vegan road trip food, especially the hot/cold thermos for soup or who knows what. Thanks