Saturday, September 26, 2015

Vegan Month of Food 2015 Day 26: Snowy Day Dining?

Today our Month of Food prompt goes something like this: "its cold and rainy out, you have a snowdrift at your door, what do you make to eat with what's in your pantry." Um...... I'm looking out my window at a blissful blue sky, the temperature is 91 degrees Fahrenheit, and palm trees are a-swaying.

Snowy day dining? There's definitely only one way for me to go with this, trust me.

I've not published my personal brownie recipe here, as I make and sell them, so that recipe is not up for sharing. Yet. Instead, I used a recipe from the Minimalist Baker site. I love her stuff, it's great, much less complicated than my own, and much more budget friendly than my own. You can find this recipe, and so many other great ones at



  1. Ha ha! I was hallucinating seeing animals home across the counter

  2. We're in trouble big time if we have a snowdrift in front of our doors!