Monday, September 14, 2015

Vegan Month of Food 2015 Day 13: Kitchen Tour

Scroll down for video. Due to technical difficulties uploading the video, this didn't post by midnight my time. My apologies.

Our prompt for Month of Food today is taking you on a tour of our kitchen.

I used to be the girl who loved country style. Colonial blue was among my favorite colors of all time, I loved pictures of chickens everywhere, all windows had to have ruffled curtains, every surface had to have an object laying upon it (functional or decorative), and oh I could go on about this. Things change. Happy Vegan 2.0 has gone minimalistic and loves industrial style.

I can't stand having clutter around, country decor is so long gone, and I now spend hours pouring through supply catalogues and at thrifts figuring out new ways to incorporate authentic industrial items into my home. Being by the ocean is soothing, and clutter is not. Clean lines are soothing to me, they're simple. My kitchen reflect this, and has a lot of which I like by way of style. If I had my way, I would even have a polished poured concrete floor. I absolutely love the look and functionality of stainless steel and subway tile.

I love my kitchen, and for someone like me it is dreamy. It is minimalistic with abundant storage, very well organized, easy to clean, has commercial appliances, and 99% of the time I absolutely love working in my kitchen (the 1% of time I don't enjoy is the "I'm not a morning person" data that I factor in, tee hee). When I put a tea kettle on for my own little cuppa tea, my pink kettle rides in style. Also, since I confessed just yesterday to owning over 200 cookbooks, you may wonder "where the heck ARE all those books?!" I do not keep any cookbooks in my kitchen, instead they are housed in my office which is adjacent to the kitchen. The thought of that volume of clutter in my kitchen gives me anxiety.

The principals of running a commercial kitchen no matter the size of small or large are the same, which includes high functionality with great layout and tools, no clutter, and easy to clean. Being that my commercial kitchen is in my home, I do have residential style cabinetry, there's no way around that. The only personal appointments currently in my kitchen are things you cannot probably see in this video. I have a shelf above my window which has grandpa's old pasta maker, a large jar holding something that was in my mother's kitchen, 2 other small antique kitchen appliances, and a kitchen witch. In my whole life, there are only 2 other people I've ever met that I know keep kitchen witches... one was my mom. Most days my kitchen witch takes good care of my kitchen. We painted not too long ago, so I took down grandpa's copper pots, but I'll get them back up eventually.

Enough chit chat, let's check things out.

It's all true... I absolutely love my kitchen.



  1. I need to stop by and see your B&B and check out your amazing kitchen. I live on LTK oceanside so it's a quick drive over. I've been meaning to stop by for some time but just haven't been able to make that turn and get off US1. I guess now would be the time to stop by since we're in the slow season. I am also suppose to say "hello" to you and your husband from Ryan Bauhaus (Atlas Meat-free Delicatessen). I met him up in Hollywood when I was looking for some vegan lunch and we started talking. He makes great vegan sausages and cheese and I really enjoyed chatting with him.

  2. Oh my gosh, we met Ryan at the Seed Experience last fall! His vegan cheese is SO EXCELLENT! All his meat analogues were gone by the time we go to his booth. We will be working this year during the Seed, and are so very sad to be missing it. xo