Saturday, September 5, 2015

Vegan MoFo 2015 Day 5: Best Sandwich Ever!

Today's prompt is for the best sandwich ever, which is also probably the easiest prompt for me all month as I just LOVE sandwiches. While I enjoy creativity, I must admit I also love simplicity. My favorite is a tempeh reuben. This recipe for a beer baked tempeh reuben is delicious. A very simple tempeh reuben, with just rye, baked tempeh, sauerkraut and dressing. I don't typically pollute my reuben with pickles, nor do I typically use cheese. In this video, I'm using Daiya, but I prefer Chao (I love Daiya too, just not on sandwiches). I don't put onions on a reuben (can you even IMAGINE????? but, yeah, I've seen that....), or anything else. That's like putting peppers and onions in hash browns.... you hear me, right? When we travel, if a reuben is on a menu it's what I will order. I've had them in many ways.... fancy restaurants like to do silly things like serve them "deconstructed" or whatever it's called, while some diners pile them high like a Jewish deli. I've had good, bad and ugly, but this home made version is divine.

I don't mention the onion rings in the video because it's about the sandwich, but I did a modification of the recipe from Betty Goes Vegan, which also included me baking them not frying. As you'll see in the video, you will have half a bottle of your vegan IPA left after you make your reubens. You can drink it, OR make beer battered onion rings! If alcohol isn't your thing, use apple juice for the reubens, I've done it and works just fine. Here's the video. Scroll past the video if you'd like the recipe.

Recipe (credit: so sorry, I have NO idea.... I do know I took this off VegWeb LONG ago)


1/2 a 12-oz bottle beer (go for an IPA, it's more flavorful) make sure it's vegan
1 tablespoon vegan Worcestershire (I use Wizard)
1/2 tsp caraway seeds, optional (I omit)
a few dashes of liquid smoke (make sure it's vegan--I use Colgin, so far still vegan)
1 8 oz pack tempeh, cut into quarters, then halve the quarters
1/2 cup vegan mayo (I use Just Mayo or Vegenaise)
2 tablespoons ketchup
2 tablespoons chopped pickles or relish (I prefer sweet, you can use dill)
hot sauce, to taste
8 slices vegan rye bread (use a multigrain if you cannot find rye)
vegan margarine as needed
1/3 cup sauerkraut per sandwich (I like more.....!)

Vegan Cheese - optional (I use it in the video, but I do not like it on my own, do as you please)

Mix your IPA in a shallow pan with the Worcestershire, seeds (if using) and smoke. Cut your tempeh, place in pan, cover with foil and marinate about 1/2 hour (I usually leave it overnight, but this is not required).

Preheat your oven to 350 (325 if convection), bake the tempeh, covered, 25 minutes.

Mix up your mayo, ketchup & pickles to make your dressing.

When tempeh is ready, heat a skillet or griddle, spread bread with margarine, place on the griddle a minute or so to start to brown, then add tempeh, kraut and some dressing, assemble sandwiches on griddle, press down with spatula, flip, give a few more minutes till both sides are equally brown.



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