Friday, December 23, 2016

Mini MoFo! For December... We Have A Prompt!

Have you missed me? Vegan MoFo is doing "Mini MoFo" so looks like from time to time there will be prompts and we can participate if we choose. Of course this is my first "mini" and of course I've waited until 33 minutes before closing time... and we've had weeks on this prompt. Of sure, I knew what I would do, but dang if I know where the entire month of December went.

Let's talk hot chocolate, shall we? That's our prompt. I used to love the stuff, in fact I still do, however I watch my sugar intake (cruel considering my occupations....) but yeah, I watch it. I don't drink it, haven't had it in years, besides since living in this beautiful tropical environment, hot chocolate isn't on my menu. Despite all that, I did reminisce a bit to the thick, dark, steamy hot chocolate of my past, including when I'd spend 6 - 8 hours shoveling snow, taking short breaks to warm up. With hot chocolate.

I found a recipe for Matcha white hot chocolate, what a great combo, so I took a stab at it, and you know what.... it's GREAT! Here's a picture with a couple of my version of holiday cookies, and of course there's a credit to the author of this recipe. Enjoy everyone, and if I don't post again in 2016, I wish you all a happy Solstice, because by the way Solstice is how this happy vegan rolls.


Vegan Matcha White Chocolate Hot Chocolate with So Delicious Coconut Whip, and my version of holiday cookies.

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  1. It sounds like a delicious combination! I don't know how you can live without hot chocolate usually, I absolutely love it, especially in winter. Clearly I need to be more adventurous with my flavours though!