Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm Joining Vegan MoFo!

I've lamented far too often about being so sluggish on the blog for quite a while. Remember the good old days when I'd get a post up sometimes 5 or 6 times a week? I'm putting the pressure on myself to get back in the saddle here, and to do this, I'm committing to Vegan MoFo as a blogger!  Yay!

Wait? What's that?  You say "Vegan MoFo, what's THAT?!" Silly rabbit, it's "Vegan Month of Food" (Vegan MoFo, get it?) Vegan MoFo is a worldwide cyber event by the way. I'm here to represent our beautiful Florida Keys, and I'll be doing so with pride!

There's no strict guidelines, but the goal is for all participating bloggers to shoot for 20 posts in 30 days (this begins in September by the way.... this year the event month is September...) There's really no set in stone format either. I can write about recipes, eating out, product reviews, or basically anything related to vegan food. I've reached out on Facebook to get ideas what people would like to see me write about, and the first 2 suggestions I think were already epic.... eating out as a vegan in the Keys, and grocery shopping in the Keys as a vegan. Those ideas are absolutely subjects I will write about, in fact I've already begun to prepare for this ahead of time by taking photos and making notes about my experiences when I go out to eat, and boy oh boy are the grocers going to wonder what the heck am I doing as I shop for the next few weeks with a camera in hand tooling down every aisle.

If you have any subjects you think would be great for VeganMoFo, please send me an email, post a comment here, or post a comment on our Deer Run Facebook page.

I'm pretty excited to be committing to this, and truth be told I also hope this will be something to kickstart me back into the habit of making time for more regular posts for you as well.

The countdown to Vegan MoFo is on!

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