Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Art Class!

I've got just minutes to write this with my schedule being so busy and all. I woke up so excited today, with something big to look forward to. Today, I have my first real art class ever!  Yes, one of the things on my lifelong personal "to do" list is getting accomplished this month. I've signed up for a series of art classes in Key West, the focus is on acrylic painting. It's being taught by the great Rick Worth, someone I admire greatly as both an artist, and a humanitarian. He's a very charitable man giving of his talent and time. He often focuses on teaching children, he paints for charity, and he has a great sense of humor that comes through in so much of his colorful, vibrant work.

Today I'm going to be blasting through chores, then heading straight down to Key West for my first class.  I've been told all I need to do is "dress appropriately" for the class, which to me means bringing the very old button down work shirt that was my dad's during his career, already splattered with paint. See, the thing is, I'm a closeted artist. When it comes to the arts, I am in complete awe of people who can sing and people who can paint.  Trust me when I say singing is completely off my list, but painting? I believe there's a glimmer of hope on that one. I've always wanted to paint. My mom was actually pretty good for someone with very little formal training, and I still have 1 thing she painted as a young woman. It's a small tile with a country farm scene on it. I do cherish it. I paint, but nothing great. I paint things on trash I collect off the beach, and sell those items to raise money for charity (usually the Turtle Hospital). I'm pretty certain I can do more, do better, and learn.

I want to come away from this class with the ability to paint better. Despite the fact that an exceptionally talented and well known artist is teaching the class, I have set the bar pretty low for myself. Can't help it. My inner artist has never been nurtured, nor have I really made a true effort to do so myself. There's a reason for this, and it goes back decades ago to an art project I did as a very small child. I remember it well, and it was not good. The teacher didn't like the way I had done my work. It was basically ridiculed. I was humiliated. I remember that very well.

I don't think this teacher is going to ridicule me, but I'm still approaching the class with low expectations (not of him, but of me). Despite this one little emotional tug from days gone by, it's all good. I'm going to my first art class and I'm beyond thrilled. The timing could have been better (February is among our busiest times), but when the opportunity came up, I decided this was one of those things that had to be done NOW because it keeps getting pushed by me to the back burner. Carpe Diem!

I'll keep you posted, I promise!  Gotta go, chores await, and then it's off to Key West. The happy vegan is holding down the fort for me today.

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