Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving From Paradise!


With love from the whole gang at Deer Run: us happy vegans, Angel, Peri, Elsa, the Key deer, all the teeny lizards, the ibis, the pipers, the vultures, the osprey, the eagles (!!!), the butterflies, the spiders (eek!), the not so teeny lizards, the crabs, the bees, the snakes (no worries, you won't see them..... usually), the dragonflies, the ladybugs, the snails, the dolphin, the turtles, the shark, the fish, the pelicans, our kitties, the woodpeckers, the white crowned pigeons, the blue buntings, all the songbirds, the hawks, and all the other residents, permanent and temporary that pass through our little slice of Paradise.

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