Thursday, March 1, 2012


I was warmed by the comments on my last post, and even got some emails in response to it.  Thank you so much, truly.

Moving ahead to today though, my entire day has been thrown off kilter by an unfortunate thing forcing me to reassess all my plans and reconfigure everything I hoped to accomplish.  This stuff happens to the best of us at some point. I know when this happens to me, its best to just go with the flow, make lemonade out of lemons so to speak.  The first thing I did when it all fell apart was scale back my "to do" list.  Many people might actually do the opposite, add more.  Not here, not me.

I've decided to dial back the "must do" list, and ramp up the "want to do" list.  Included on the "want" list for today is making soup, visiting with Peri (already done once this morning), and making weekend plans.  The weekend plans are shaping up nicely, we've got dinner plans with our friend L who is heading off to China very soon to visit family, taking in a movie at Tropic Cinema in Key West (Addiction, Incorporated) and maybe a new baking experiment.

I suppose I should face the music that my chores are still waiting for me as I work on this post.  I have a sliver of a window in my office which looks out at the sky.  It is the most perfect shade of blue right this very moment.  Its best I wrap things up right now, otherwise the "want" list will fall by the wayside too.  I'm running this afternoon as usual, and think "add new song to iPod" just made it to the "want" list.

I love lemonade.

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  1. That is definitely the way to look at things! Lemonade is wonderful- it is what makes us who we are!