Saturday, September 8, 2018

Vegan Month of Food 2018 Day 8: FOOD FAILS!

Today I'm tasked with the issue of food fails. At first, I thought we were just supposed to show/talk about fails. Heaven help me but I have so many pictures of food fails I could spend weeks just on this topic. However, when I went back to check the topic, I interpreted it differently in that I should show you how I fix a food fail by repurposing it. Challenge accepted.

Crappy Cake
Good Cake Pops
The video is pretty straightforward. I did two cakes yesterday, a suckass one and a decent one. I hoped they would both be good, no I don't plan my food fails just for Vegan Month of Food. I put the suckass cake aside for today, and wrote about the decent cake yesterday. Since at first all I thought all  had to do was show you my crunchy cake and while I stabbed it to death it on video I figured yay this is easy. But as you note above I realized perhaps I should do something with it besides a big video stabfest.

This cake was so hard and crunchy I dubbed it one of the worst cakes I've ever made. It's not burned, it's simply a dried out slab of cake. It was in the oven just like yesterdays... 20 minutes on the bean.

When I find someone else's recipe to work with, why oh why won't I listen to my instincts that it's either a good base recipe or a bad base recipe. I only chose this recipe because it was a different method for a Mahogany cake and I wanted a cake comparison. When the batter was mixed, it actually was like plaster. I baked it anyway.

Enter the cake pop. Friends, listen to me and listen good. When life hands you shitty cake, make cake pops. Unless it's burned. If it's burned, you're on your own with your head hung low as you slink out to your composter.

So, there it is.


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