Saturday, September 29, 2018

Vegan Month of Food 2018 Day 29: BRUNCH!!! (and a dead panini press, boo hoo)

Today we're talking about brunch. It's neck and neck with breakfast for my favorite meal. Brunches are typically associated with holidays, occasions and Sundays in my world, but really every day is an occasion for brunch. I was simply going to post a few pictures of the millions (millions?) of photos I have from the years of food photos I've made for guest breakfasts and special occasions. By the time 5 minutes had passed, I was overwhelmed and couldn't even begin to choose. In frustration, I reached for Isa's "Vegan Brunch" one of the best cookbooks of all time (mine is so shopworn it's actually in 3 pieces now), made myself an omelette and called it a morning.

That right up there? That took all of about 15 minutes. From scratch. It's a gluten free vegan omelette made from silken tofu and chick pea flour. Chick pea flour? No need to buy a special ingredient, take your high speed blender (not a regular blender, no way) toss in some dried chick peas and let it rip. What gives this the eggy flavor is kala namak salt. For filling, I used what I had from MoFo leftovers: tofu ricotta, diced artichokes, kale and mushrooms. Those potatoes are pieces of leftover tater tots I had waffled in the iron for a failed effort on one of the themes. The bread is gluten free vegan DeLand (now back in stock at Food for Thought) and the mango.... show stealer.... I've still got about 1 dozen South Florida mangoes in my fridge. By keeping them in my fridge til the day or 2 before I want to eat them, I've been able to make my very last seasonal delivery extend by several weeks. The only thing that would've made this breakfast better is if someone made it for me.

Meanwhile, in sad appliance goings-on.... as I was flipping this omelette in the pan a large crash occurred about 8 feet over. I looked over and saw my little grill press exploding into bits on the floor. RIP little panini press, it was too good to be true when you entered my life. I lovingly transported you from the thrift in Moab all the way to your new home in the Keys, and used you maybe 6 times if I include last night's picnic sandwich post. Your plates are still in the dishwasher from last night's MoFo, you didn't even get to complete your last bath time scrub. HOW did this happen? Suffice to say... if you happen to see the other happy vegan out and about in town today, maybe give him a hug. There is no love coming my way today... it's his fault my panini press is in RIP-land. Between the one Irma stole, and this one, perhaps the Universe doesn't want me to panini press things. Ever.

RIP panini press. I am going to miss you, sniff sniff.

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