Friday, September 28, 2018

Vegan Month of Food 2018 Day 28: Let's Picnic

We're going on a picnic today, or realistically we're faking going on a picnic today. I had to work, no picnic for me, but I did want to eat when I got home and the other happy vegan was famished after another long drawn out day with zero food. I dragged out the little panini press I picked up while in Moab and set to making different sandwiches using some things I had on hand, filling in the blanks with purchases.

What I had already was:

hummus (my first batch in over a year!)
cilantro cream (tofu based)
pesto (walnut based)
balsamic dressing

 What I purchased was:

Miyoko's sun dried tomato and garlic cheese (half price!)
marinated artichokes
baguette loaf bread
roasted red peppers

I cut the baguette and filled each piece with a different combo of all the above, just randomly mixed things up. Then I jammed them on the panini press and heated through so everything thoroughly melted together:

I also made rigatoni pasta (other than wagon wheels, the best pasta ever) since the store where I'm at actually had organic rigatoni imported from Italy sitting right there on the shelf calling out to me with love. I had a little bit of pesto left, so I mixed it all up with some of the artichoke hearts I diced. See how beautiful it looks?! Tasted even better. I also picked up a bag of Vegan Rob's cauliflower puffs. Really if you buy ANY Vegan Rob's you'll be super happy, but these puffs and the turmeric chips are my favorites so far (although the rice flips do suck, so it's not entirely true that they all are great.... just that one, meh).

All those things travel well, and are delicious cold or room temp. The sandwiches can be made the day before, and the pasta 1-2 days before.

I'd love to go on a picnic. I'm about 15 years overdue. The sun is shining, I think it's best we all make hay.


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