Monday, September 24, 2018

Vegan Month of Food 2018 Day 24: Crunchwraps for Potluck!

Today is about what to bring to a potluck. We had a prompt for that (I think) over the summer, when I talked about the gluten free vegan tofu Rubens I brought to a potluck around July, along with the vegan tempeh Rubens I made. The most epic potluck sandwich has already been covered, so what to do?

I made my own version of a vegan crunchwrap. The cafe I'm in made them as a lunch special last week, boy oh boy were they delicious, they sold out (of course). I wanted to use some of the Unturkey I have left and season it but I didn't have the right seasonings for a good taco mix. Instead, I used my own version of a cilantro cream, along with Daiya pepperjack, and some of the Miyoko's wet buffalo mozzarella I made (but didn't showcase, since I didn't have basil for the Caprese salad last week). Actually, these were great, not as creamy as the ones in the cafe from last week, but super delicious none the less. If you make these at home, I highly suggest using a large tortilla. I used a smaller one. My ingredients were the vegan cheeses above and the cream (on mine... the other happy vegan swears cilantro will kill him, after making everything taste like soap), beans, tortilla shells, roasted onions and red peppers, avocado (minimal on mine, maximum his) and tomatoes. You can use anything you want pretty much. Fold it up like a flower, and brown both sides til golden in a pan with light oil or veg spray. I had mine with a little dash of the cilantro cream drizzled on top, he went with a drizzle of balsamic dressing. These are perfect for potluck. Once they cool, they are easy to cut into small single serve sections, wrap them up in paper wrap and you are good to go.

This was my version of a vegan crunchwrap.
Best for you to go with a larger tortilla.
You can see I had to fill the center of the "flower" with a small piece.
VERY tasty!
Oh, there was lots of deer butt this afternoon.
These little guys always make me smile.
There's a fawn in there... can you see the fading spots?
I did manage to spend a few minutes looking at the sky today too.


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