Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Vegan Month of Food 2018 Day 19: Leftovers for A Broken Heart

Yesterday I made an Unturkey using Miyoko Schinner's magical recipe. I still have about 9 pounds of it left. I planned on making soup, but everyone does that anyway, right? Instead, I found a recipe for Asian style rolls, you know, eggless egg rolls for lack of a better term. The Universe continues to do some serious ass kicking on my heart. Today was difficult, time was not on my side because of extenuating circumstances. But I had a secret weapon in my fridge.... vegan egg roll wrappers. Or so I thought. Referring once again to the trip to the Asian Market last week, I had picked up what I thought were won-ton wrappers. They are vegan, indeed, I read the ingredients correctly. But get this.... they are bean curd sheets. Fresh bean curd sheets. Exactly what I needed for the Unturkey was lurking in my fridge all along. I grabbed the wrong thing as far as wonton wrappers, nope not them. Why am I even talking about this? At the last minute I decided to make vegan Unturkey, cranberry and vegan cheeze egg rolls. I really thought I had this one in the bag.

If nothing else, Vegan Month of Food gets me to try new things, new styles of cooking and new products. Here are my vegan Unturkey egg rolls:

I mean, they don't even look good, do they. Believe it or not, that plate is green. The dip is a cranberry mustard dip which is bright red, you know... cranberries. Ugh, it's hard to believe sometimes I think I know what I'm doing in the kitchen.

So, as far as flavor, not really bad, but the sheets are not crispy as they should be. They browned and puffed slightly, but not like a wonton wrapper. And they also have a flavor that was ok, but overwhelming in the recipe. The wrapper should be the carrier, not a main flavor. I shredded some leftover Unturkey in my food processor and added a touch of the leftover powdered seasoning I had from yesterday's recipe. I then made a fast vegan spread cheeze using soaked nuts, lemon juice, salt, pepper and miso, and used smooth cranberry sauce. Put it all in the wrapper, rolled it up and baked 20 minutes. I'm telling you the method because if this was done in the right wrapper, it would've been good. The sauce is cranberry sauce, with a splash of Dijon mustard and VEGAN Bee Free Honee (that's the brand I use).

I have a different recipe I am going to hopefully bring to you after Vegan MoFo is over. It's an Unturkey sandwich style meal, using leftover mashed potatoes in the waffle iron, with sliced leftover  Unturkey, cranberry sauce, avocado, and baked tofu (seasoned with kala namak, you know to make it like an egg) in the middle of the sandwich. I think I'll leave the tofu out, and add rice paper bacon. Tune in another day for that, today I just didn't have time. If you read my Facebook page you know why.

I'm tapping out for tonight.


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