Thursday, September 13, 2018

Vegan Month of Food 2018 Day 13 - Package Free Snacks

I like to color outside the lines. Often. Love me or leave me, that's just the way I am. Don't expect any major changes there. Today we're tasked with bringing you package free snacks (remember... this is "free from" week).

First, banana:

Certainly a package free snack. Not very original perhaps from a Vegan Month of Food celebration point of view. Well, too bad, because actually ANY snack is a package free snack. It's merely a matter of how willing are we all to save the planet by buying in bulk, packing our own snacks in reusable tins, avoiding as many things packaged as possible and blah blah... thinking out the consequences of our choices. None of us likely will avoid packaging totally, although there are people who make very diligent efforts to live a zero waste lifestyle. That is what I want to talk about today, sort of.

I actually was told by someone this week that paper straws are annoying. Then they had every excuse in the book why a reusable was unsuitable for them. After which they announced to me that plastic straws should always be an option. And... this was from a certified wildlife paraprofessional. I couldn't contain my horror, surprise, surprise. I offered any kind of free straws they wanted.... totally "on me" you know the one who doesn't have a house and is still with a business closed for over a year from storm damage, I would buy this person who had a house, a job and helps animals any freaking reusable straws they wanted. Nope. And, when I said really we should all skip the straw I think I saw some of their brain cells actually die right before my eyes.

We can't fix stupid, and for now it's not likely plastic is going to be removed from society. But.... we have choices! And we should do everything in our means to live authentically mindful. You know, like being vegan (whoops, did I just get ignored by some of my closest non-vegan friends.... and/or this post just get clicked to "off" position.... oh my)

One of the most distressing things about living through Irma was being an eye witness to the environmental disaster that followed. Everything served in plastic. We didn't have water for a long time either.... ever take a water bottle bath? Plastic was EVERYWHERE, not only from the disaster washing it through, but from the aid that came along after. Before the storm, we had stocked water in every single available container in the B&B which we stored at the "safe house." It was still there and we used it. But services were out for so long, and even when water got restored, it was not potable at first.... we were forced at times to use water bottles. We challenged ourselves with a game, how little water can we really use. And we stuck to it. But, it still sucked. It was like 15 years of green living and green business just evaporated.

Now, there are companies making edible packaging (so interesting, I read about quite a few today), and other companies making truly biodegradable and compostable everything. And, then there are companies like this TerraCycle which makes it easier to recycle things that are "non-recyclable".... here is their link:  If we can't get behind a company that recycles those shitty things like "K-cups" well then we don't deserve to be here anyway (as a side note, I read that the inventor of the K-cup completely regrets their invention because of the eco-damage they have caused... nice, but still a little late to the party wouldn't you say?)

So, today in a nutshell? Banana. TerraCycle.

Then, every day in a nutshell? VEGAN!

Toodles til tomorrow. Enjoy your banana.


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